How GDPR cookie consent protects your privacy in a data-driven?

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If you work in marketing, you’ve probably noticed rumblings about the European Union’s data protection law, the GDPR. It is the biggest data privacy law regulated till now, and it likely affects your organization. Over the decade, data protection has given consumers more control over their use and compels marketers to follow these changes.

According to the December 2016 PwC survey, 68 percent of US-based companies expect to have spent $1-$10 million to meet these GDPR requirements.

As the EU braces its data protection laws, it is important to decipher how Compliance affects your marketing. To help you understand, here’s a primer on GDPR cookie consent and compliance impacts on the strategic plans of your business.

How do GDPR Cookie consent policies affect your marketing strategies?

The General Data Protection (GDPR) challenges the increasingly invasive digital marketing’s future with remarkable changes. It allows users more control over the data they share and use within the mobile marketing domain- to make big changes to comply.

If you want customers to push notifications within your application, GDPR makes you go further in the opt-in process. To begin with, users must allow consent to receive messages. A pre-checked package doesn’t work because it doesn’t show active voluntary consent. Additionally, you need to explain customers’ information before they allow consent.

Cookie consent must be explicit, clear and clearly stated. In addition, you have to explain how you’ll use a customer’s information before you give consent. You must create a data use policy and share it with customers before they consent, so you’re 100% transparent about data use. Understand the value of your data privacy by privacidadenlared.

Display the privacy policies wherever you take user data to make a website GDPR compliant. In standard, a cookie consent framework should include:

  • Indicate the category of installed cookies (first-party cookies vs third-party cookies). 
  • Explain all external parties installing, managing, or accessing cookies via your site/app, with respective policies and opt-out forms.
  • Describe in detail the purposes for which cookies are used. 
  • Ensure the policies avail in all languages in which the services are provided.

It is important to understand that consent for a specific provision doesn’t imply blanket consent. For example, if a user gives you their email address to gain specific access, you cannot add a person’s information to the master list.

Here are a few insights to keep in mind when creating a GDPR cookie consent framework:

  • Under the GDPR compliance, companies maintain a record of consent. For many organizations, this may be a challenge. In this case, you need to document-
  • Who consented?
  • What information was granted at the time of consent?
  • Why did they consent?

Note: We suggest marketing personeels speak to connect with the IT department to figure out how they can maintain these records.

  • When asked, develop a process to remove consumer data: GDPR compliance gives users an easy and viable alternative to unsubscribe from messages. While most companies opt-out, GDPR takes it further. Customers possess the authority to be forgotten and request the removal of information from your servers. They also can access and suppress their data right away, which means all data moving forward needs to be dropped.
  • Notify consumers about the breach within 72 hours if a company experiences an invasion of security.
  •  Examine how your marketing portal prepares for GDPR and helps with compliance efforts. For example, a mobile marketing platform offers different tools that help you create stronger consent forms, access to time-stamped opt-in forms to show GDPR cookie consent tools, or delete user data if required.

Wrapping Up

GDPR cookie consent is an intricate framework of regulation that requires changes to your marketing policies. While it may take some time to implement procedures to comply with GDPR, the right strategy will catalyze your marketing practices to meet evolving user needs. Lesmeilleursvpn aims to help you choose a virtual private network (VPN) and find a reliable, cheap but above all secure solution for surfing the Internet.

Stay tuned for more updates on GDPR compliance!


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