How Does Web Hosting Impact Website Security?

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Website security is important for every business. Hackers and cyber-attack cases are increasing day by day. Therefore, it is crucial to make your website secure and out of the reach of hackers.

Web Hosting plays an important role in this regard. Good hosting providers in Pakistan always understand the need of the website and thus manage website security accordingly.

Importance of web security

About 59% of people do not prefer purchasing things from sites that have faced cyber-attacks in the past. Therefore, it is important to keep your site safe and secure. Because it builds the website and brand reputation. Furthermore, a secure website gains customer trust and turns them into repeat customers. Whereas, the websites having poor security lose customers with every passing day.

Role of hosting in ensuring website security

Here are 4 important web security features that web hosting ensures for a website;

1. SSL Certificate

SSL certificates are very significant for web security. The websites without SSL certificates are more prone to cyber-attacks. Moreover, Google also avoids ranking those sites and keeps the visitors away from the sites that lack SSL certificates. Therefore, make sure to have an SSL certificate. Good hosting companies offer free SSL certificates with the hosting plan while others might ask for extra charges. Whatever the case is, website security requires an SSL certificate because it secures the data being transferred between the server and visitor.

2. Regular Backups

Backups are very important for website sustainability. A good web hosting company in Pakistan or worldwide manages the backups for the website. So, if any mishap occurs then one can easily backup the content and retain the website. Besides this, one should also make regular backups to keep things managed.

3. Shared hosting and responsibility

Shared web hosting is also a shared responsibility as many people are using a single server. This means that problems at one site may cause harm to others on the same server. So, web hosting plays a critical role in web performance.

Hosting packages that are more secure include VPS hosting in Pakistan and dedicated hosting servers in Pakistan. One can choose any of them precisely.

4. Firewall protection

Firewall protection is also offered by web hosting providers. It comes with managed hosting and manages all the requests coming to the website. Moreover, it filters unauthorized access and keeps the website protected and safe from hackers.

Additional Security Tricks

Here are some additional security tips that might help you to secure your website.

  • Use long and strong passwords that are not easy to detect. Therefore, it can add security to the website.
  • Don’t use the same and common passwords everywhere.
  • Add symbols and characters to make the password strong.
  • Install,” Web Application Firewall” to improve the security of the website.
  • Set limited login access to the website. If gone wrong, then don’t allow more chances. It will also add to your web security.
  • Make regular backups and try to keep the software updated. The software that is not updated is more susceptible to cyber-attacks.

Final Words

Website security is important for its success and growth. However, web hosting also contributes to protecting it from potential hackers. Therefore, choose the hosting company effectively. Do not invest in poor hosting companies. Moreover, protected sites build a reputation in the market and also develop customers’ trust.

In addition, SSL certificate regular backups, strong passwords, Web Application Firewall, and updated software are some of the tips that can make the website secure. Don’t compromise on your web security as it will have an impact on your website performance and brand at the same time.

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