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Warm water has a wide range of uses and benefits. Therefore, this makes it imperative that households have best geyser for home. Heaters come in many shapes, sizes, and specifications that users can choose from as per their needs.

What are the various types of geysers available?

  1. Electric geysers: Electric geysers have a higher temperature range along with being affordable to buy. They are also easy to install. However, electric geysers have a high operating cost.
  2. Solar heaters: Solar heaters are an environmentally friendly option that heat water in minutes. They are also excellent for storing large amounts of water. The downside is that they are weather dependent which means during cloudy or rainy weather, it’s a lot harder to have warm water readily available.
  3. Tank or Storage Geysers: Storage geysers have a high storage capacity. These are the most durable and long-lasting of the many types of geysers available. A few drawbacks are that they are bulky, difficult to install, and consume large amounts of power.
  4. Instantaneous Geysers: Instantaneous geysers are compact in nature and heat water almost instantly. They also consume less power. On the downside, they lack water storage space and require high maintenance.
  5. Gas Geysers: Gas geysers heat water quickly and have a low operation cost. However, they are a risk to the user’s safety and require good ventilation to function well. Installation of gas geysers is also difficult compared to the other kinds of geysers.

Access to warm or hot water is beneficial for several reasons. Hence having a geyser that fits your requirements is important.

What are the benefits of warm water?

  1. Skincare: Following the correct skincare routine is becoming a regular discourse in people’s daily life. After all, following the correct skincare routine can ensure delayed signs of aging and ensure your skin looks healthy and radiant for longer. Cleaning your skin is the first step of any skincare routine. Ensuring that one is using the right temperature of the water when washing their face is therefore essential. It is recommended that you use warm water to wash your face as it removes oils and grime that collect on your face through the day better than cold water. Just make sure the water isn’t hot as it may lead to dryness.

At the end of a long hard day, it is always beneficial to wash your face, and what better way to access warm water than installing the best-suited geyser for your home.

  • Relieve Sinuses: With pollution on the rise, allergens have become commonplace in daily life. These can lead to nasal irritation and congestion which causes blocked sinuses. One way or another, most people catch a cold more than a few times a year. A good way to unblock sinuses is to safely inhale steam. Filling a pot with warm water and placing your head at a safe distance and inhaling the vapors can help relieve your sinuses.
  • Pain relief: Warm water is excellent for pain relief. Chronic body pains can be soothed by soaking in warm water. Athletes can soothe body cramps by using a warm water compress on the area. Menstrual cramps can be subdued using a hot water bottle.

Being able to instantly access warm water in such cases is a huge relief. By installing the right geyser at home one can get warm water any time, thereby eliminating any long, uncomfortable wait.

  • Dental health: Dentists suggest using warm water for rinsing the mouth over using cold water. This is because cold water can contract any fillings you have and will result in them debonding off the tooth. Additionally, for those with sensitive teeth, warm water is the better option when brushing as it doesn’t cause discomfort as opposed to cold water. Adding salt to some warm water and rinsing also helps eliminate bacterial growth in your mouth and is an excellent and cost-effective alternative to mouthwashes.

As suggested earlier, being able to access warm water any time you like would be an excellent plus. Depending on the geyser of your choice you can always have access to warm water and therefore maintain oral health.

  • Cleaning: Hot water is considered essential when it comes to household cleaning. It is an excellent agent for cutting grease or oils. Salt, sugars, or syrup dissolve faster in warm water than in cold water. Mixing soap with hot water makes it even more effective. Hot water is excellent for removing bacteria and soil from clothing. Hence whether it is cleaning utensils, wiping surfaces, or doing your laundry, hot or warm water is always useful. The cleaner your surrounding environment is, the healthier you will be.

When choosing from the various water heater options in the market it is important to consider your needs. Whether you require warm water stored throughout the day or need a little hot water instantly from time to time, every aspect of use should be considered when buying a geyser.

Investing in a good geyser allows you regular access to hot water without having to wait for long periods of time to access it. As mentioned above, there are several health benefits to using warm or hot water. Whether it’s for a long relaxing shower during wintertime or making a hot soak to soothe pains, having regular access to hot or warm water is imperative. Not to mention, using water as an alternative to any other product is also pocket-friendly. Hence having the right water heater or geyser makes for an excellent investment!

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