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AOEMI FoneTool Pro
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The iPhone 14 is about to be released, and many users will require data transfer when upgrading to a new iPhone. AOMEI gives users an iPhone switcher called FoneTool

Fonetool is an all-in-one data management tool for backup and recovery of IOS devices to transfer data at super high speed.

In addition, unlike many other software, fonetool supports backup of various data, including data, photos, messages, contacts, etc.

What are the characteristics of fonetool?

If you are looking for a tool that can automatically backup your iPhone data, fonetool is worth a try. It has super high speed, time saving and professional data protection technology:

1. Quickly backup photos, videos, music, contacts, SMS, etc.

2. Support all versions of IOS devices: iPhone / iPad / iPod

3. Easily transfer data to other IOS devices or computers.

4. Flexibly manage idevice storage and data.

5. It can run on all Windows versions (11 / 10 / 8 / 7) and is fully compatible with all new IOS versions.

Fonetool is the easiest way to back up / transfer data. In addition, it can also be used to automatically manage content on IOS devices.

Other functions

With this tool, you can make a full or partial backup of iPhone or other IOS to save important data to a safe location.

It is a useful tool for managing IOS data, because it integrates various tools to help you flexibly manage data in iPhone / iPad / iPod.

Delete similar or duplicate photos.

Convert HEIC photos to JPG / jpeg / PNG for free without degrading the quality.

The option to permanently delete all data to protect your personal information.

Fonetool can also easily transfer iPhone and release iPhone storage. Transfer iPhone to another device or iPhone to PC with one click.


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