Flower-Themed Birthday Party for a Newborn

Flower-Themed Birthday Party

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The Right Flowers for the Right Newborn

Just like you’re different from every human being in the world, there are no two babies precisely alike. Even when it comes to twins, one is born a few minutes before his or her sibling, and each has unique personality traits. So when buying flowers for a birthday party in a newborn’s honor, you want to take that burgeoning new personality into account.

That said, you probably don’t remember too many details from when you were a newborn; almost nobody does. A fresh flower gift bouquet may not necessarily be appreciated by the newborn, but his or her mother will absolutely love it. So think about what your friend, this new youngster’s mom, would really appreciate. With that in mind, consider the following.

1. Baby’s Breath and Other Flowers Associated With Newborns Baby’s breath is soft, delicate, and beautiful.

This flower is usually found in a large bunch of white blossoms that will crumble if you touch them with any roughness. Many baby showers and birthdays for babies will feature baby’s breath, but it’s not the only flower for newborns out there.

A few other flowers associated with new babies include daisies, daffodils, and the calla lily, A bouquet featuring all four flowers may be exactly what tickles the fancy of the new mom in your life.

2. A Bouquet for a Baby Girl

Baby girl bouquets will feature lots of whites and pinks. Expect pretty pink roses and tulips arranged in an aesthetically pleasing way that has a look about it that is psychologically reminiscent of a birthday cake. With a bouquet for a newborn girl, you want the flowers to feel like sugar for your eyes. When you look at them, they should radiate sweetness and light.

Flower-Themed Birthday Party

3. A Bouquet for a Baby Boy

For a baby boy, you want a dearth of pink and a surplus of blue. Blue light moon roses are a good idea, as are dry snow roses. Blue lagoon roses have their place, but they’re such a deep blue, it feels fruity; like a bouquet of blueberries. Which, depending on the mother, could be absolutely perfect; but keep that in mind.

While it may be okay to have a few pink flowers in there, you want floral arrangements that naturally incorporate the “baby blue” hue.

Celebrating a New Life With Flowers

You’ve got a lot of options to consider when it comes to floral arrangements for newborns. Some flowers associated with newborns include daisies, daffodils, calla lilies, and baby’s breath. You may well want to buy bouquet designs specifically for a girl or a boy, too. When they’re celebrating a birthday, be sure to keep the mom in mind.

The thought is what really counts here, think what the new mom would want, and whatever you do, avoid any flowers that are known to cause trouble for whatever reason. You can get the balance right. Do so, and the friend or family member in your life who’s a new mother will appreciate the effort.

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