10 Strategies to Transform your Fire TV Stick into a Complete Entertainment Hub

Fire TV Stick

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Cutting the cord is never easy. Neither is ditching the conventional content consumption strategies for something as innovative as the Fire TV Stick. Although there are multiple streamers available in the market, a Fire TV Stick seems like the best possible option, courtesy of the customizability, flexibility, and resourcefulness in play.

But then, a Fire TV Stick offers a lot more than what meets the eye. It isn’t simply a plug-and-play device and strives to be a lot more, despite most of us only scratching the surface when it comes to exploring the endless possibilities on offer.

In the subsequent sections, we shall take a more detailed look at the more underrated traits of the Fire TV Stick that make it a better streaming resource than any other product in the market:

Unparalleled Alexa Support

If you have had the opportunity to use the Alexa functionality on your remote, you would be able to relate to this feature better. A Firestick allows you to simply press the microphone button atop the remote controller and say the desired commands to launch an app, find a specific movie or show, or even set a timer of sorts, in case you want to take a breather after immersing in a sea of content for hours together.

Most importantly, you can even deploy the Alexa-functionality for searching irrelevant answers to specific questions or simply to know the global whereabouts. Plus, if you can master the Alexa support it becomes possible to get access to audiobooks, radio shows, and a lot more. 

Also, the Alexa functionality happens to be the most resourceful trait, and what we know is only the tip of the iceberg. The voice search functionality associated with Alexa support allows you to search relevant content by simply voicing out the relevant command i.e. the name of the film, director, or any other keyword that makes sense. 

However, if you are still not abreast regarding the benefits and usage patterns that adhere to the Alexa functionality, you can learn more by following this detailed discussion and drawing inspiration. 


Now that you have taken our word and invested in a Firestick, seeing it hanging in the rear of your television set isn’t what explains its utility. If you want to make the most of this innovative streaming device, it is better to carry it along while holidaying.

In case you can get your hands on the hotel Wi-Fi, you can always stream content resources of choice. Plus, if you have a VPN handy, you can even opt for region-restricted content whilst traveling to alien shores. 

Setup Location

Once you place an order for the Fire TV Stick, you will get an option to link your amazon prime account with the same. However, if you choose not to, you can head over to the Settings tab, preferences, even set the location as desired to get access to restricted or region-specific content. 

Control over Featured Content

By default, Firestick runs video trailers as a part of the content playing strategy. However, if you are on a metered connection, switching off the featured content option by heading over to Settings and then Preferences is advised and even possible. 

Switch Off App Notifications

The Fire TV Stick allows you to turn off app notifications, in case you are looking for an unhindered viewing experience. 

Get access to IMDB

Did you know that Amazon holds the rights to IMDB and therefore, you can get uninterrupted access to online content if you have a Firestick handy? Also, if you have the IMDB app installed, it is also possible to enjoy trivia, summaries, and film ratings to know more about the piece of content that you might be viewing. 

Mirror Content

For exploring mirroring, it is important to ensure that the Firestick runs the latest version of the FireOS. Once the update is out of the way, you can even project the content running on your smartphone onto the television. For this to work, you need to press the home key button whilst holding it till you connect the relevant mirroring app installed on your smartphone. 

Select Fire TV from the list of available options and once connected, you can mirror images, videos, and presentations, at will. 

Parental Control

The Fire TV Stick comes with several content viewing resources out of which some might be a tad discretionary. While you can enjoy some as per your convenience, access to kids needs to be restricted. The streaming device comes with a pretty extensive set of parental controls, which can be activated to keep R-rated content pieces hidden.

Plus, parental controls allow you to restrict the child’s access to several games that might interfere with the study patterns

Bluetooth Control

Be it seeking some privacy while viewing, with a pair of Bluetooth headphones to rely on, or looking for a more immersive experience with a wirelessly accessed Soundbar, the Firestick allows access to Bluetooth support whilst making it possible for you to connect relevant devices at will. 

Set Photos at Will

If you have been using the Fire TV Stick, you must have had to take a pizza break of sorts only to see the screensavers being displayed, at will. However, the Fire Stick takes functionality to a whole new level by letting you pair your smartphone and the media content associated with the same. Therefore, you are at the liberty to set any image of choice as the screensaver, only to accentuate the overall experience.

In addition to the mentioned attributes, a Fire TV Stick also allows you to turn off the hindering menu click sounds, in case a more clandestine performance is sought after. Plus, you can even cast the screen of the laptop onto television to get hold of a bigger area to work with. Finally, if these options and resources aren’t enough, Firestick is probably the only streamer from the current crop of devices to offer control via the Fire TV application, if you might have displaced the remote control.

Overall, the Fire TV Stick is probably the only streamer in the market to offer such an insane level of flexibility, provided you seek a holistic content viewing experience. 

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