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With Covid-19, the internet has never been more relevant in connecting businesses. Web conferencing software solutions are the most impactful among the many new digital tools available to modern companies. Many companies work together globally, and web conferencing software is essential to keep everyone on the same page, even in different time zones.

However, it can be a daunting task when many options are on the market. Many popular options are available, such as Zoom, Skype, and even Google Hangouts Meet. To help with this we have broken down a list of features that every web conferencing software should have.

But, first things first, as a developer or a business owner seeking developers-for-hire to augment their existing web conferencing development teams, it’s crucial to understand the technologies that go into creating this type of software. Let’s take a sneak peek at some components that make a top-of-the-line web conferencing software solution.

Conference Telephony Architecture

There is great potential in what developers can offer. For instance, they can design apps for interoperability with SIP standards-based IP phones, SIP trunks, and migration to multi-purpose cloud platforms. They can also program architectures for WebRTC, PBX, VoIP gateways, integrated video streaming, and recording functionalities. Which is done via API from TokBox, Twilio, Zoom, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Loom, and even VSee. 

Conference Security Protocols

Professional software engineers develop and implement advanced security protocols and features that reassure clients and customers that their software and its information will remain secure and safe. This includes using tools like Secure Socket Layer/Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS), Secure Shell (SSH), Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), biometric authentication, Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), and login and password controls. These options available allow for customization to a client’s individual needs. 

Meeting Management Solutions

Developers build meeting-management software solutions, including cloud-based platforms, employee access portals, scheduling tools, Unified Communications (UC) software, integration with supporting systems, and more.

Meeting Attendee Management

A reputable web conferencing software system incorporates attendee scheduling and tracking software, which contains moderator controls for adding, muting, and dropping participants during online meetings. When a client wants to develop their own system, it should include attendee-engagement and feedback tools (real-time polling, anonymous voting, and electronic hand-raising features). And adding software features like analytics modules for productivity tracking is also worth consideration.

And now that we’ve discussed some of the crucial elements on the development side of things, let’s move forward to understanding the features that every web conferencing software should have if they are to be obtained and utilized by businesses worldwide.

Screen Sharing & Recording

In video calls, reading someone’s expression is helpful with business negotiations, but without screen sharing, the benefits are limited to just that. Everyday business dealings are becoming more and more complex; relevant data, tables, images, and infographics are essential in conveying complex information in a digestible way.

Remote Meeting and Presentations

An integral part of any web conferencing software is programming collaboration applications. These would be for invitation management, document creation, real-time markup, document sharing, action item tracking, persistent conference rooms, virtual whiteboards, participant control, screen captures, code sessions, and other solutions.

Screen sharing makes it easy for everyone on the call to be on the same page. When sharing a screen with clients, you can be sure that everybody is looking at the same slide, image, or piece of data. It can be hard to stay on topic during negotiations, mainly when everybody is limited to talking. It can also be challenging to follow along without visual elements, as minor details can be missed without the relevant images. As a result, screen sharing allows information to be more digestible while eliminating confusion and miscommunication.

Finally, a screen recording allows for the entire call or relevant call parts to be saved for future reference. Without a proper screen recording feature, any meeting will be less valuable as people will forget essential details shortly after it concludes. After all, the human mind is not a camera, so it is easy to forget simple data without any videos or images to reference. Recordings are especially crucial when the topic at hand is hefty or complex, as they will assure the remembrance of finer details. And also, if an agreement is made with clients, then everybody involved should have a recording of what was discussed (for future reference).

Configurable Chat

Communication with clients is becoming more and more technology-reliant. And with web conferencing software, a lack of configuration settings leads quickly to an unorganized and hard-to-follow chat. Therefore, the best custom web conferencing software solutions have configurable chat settings tailored to particular needs. Without such options, a video meeting presenter may be overwhelmed by a considerable influx of chats, and they will not be able to answer relevant questions as effectively. It also allows for order and organization in conversations and with questions asked. This is important in big meetings and essential where speakers present in longer intervals. And the chat history should be kept for the whole meeting where it can be used to put forward ideas, questions, and thanks—whether it is a meeting between team members or with clients. 

Many chat software integrations are available, such as Sendbird, Zendesk, Moxtra, Tray.io, and CometChat. Just remember that it must feature a powerful API, proactive support, advanced chat features (as stated above), and GDPR and HIPAA Compliance.

Automated Reminders

An online conference wouldn’t be very effective if nobody showed up. However, people are busy, and it is easy to forget about scheduled meetings and plans. That is especially true when meetings are conducted online and include attendees from multiple time zones.

Automated reminders and alerts are essential in resolving this confusion and can ensure that people attend their meetings and events. And for this, users should customize their reminder settings and how the platform alerts them. For example, someone in charge of an online conference may want to send email and text alerts a day before the event, and they might also want to include a follow-up reminder an hour before it. Every partner, client, and seller has unique considerations, so customizable automated reminders are necessary for any coordinator who wants the relevant people to attend the next important meeting. Such reminders require robotic process automation (RPA). These software robotics, also known as metaphorical software robots or Artificial Intelligence (AI), do much work behind the scenes to keep information logged, organized, and most importantly, make sure the proper notifications and reminders are sent out as per its programmed instructions.

Automated reminders are a tremendous asset to clients as they save valuable time and money, and it also helps settle the confusion of organizing large groups.


Executives may want to see reports about online meeting attendance and general platform usage. For this, Web Conferencing Software offers solutions to common questions like, “Where are users signing in and out from? Who hosted events last month? How many meetings occur every day?” And has the company had infrequent contact with one or more clients/partners?’ Such reports can help executives understand their relationships with other businesses and determine their next best course of action.

Executives may want their online conferencing solution to include functions for meeting minutes, shared event calendars, file exporting, and more. Relevant reports empower software developers that rely on online conferencing software. And it helps key players better understand the strengths and weaknesses of their conferencing systems and policies.

Stay Safe with Quality Web Conferencing Software Integration

As global commerce expands, more and more companies will rely on effective online meeting apps to coordinate with clients and partners worldwide. Not only are online conferencing solutions more efficient and practical, but they are also among the safest ways to meet with a large group as it practices safe distancing. Considering the devastation that the Coronavirus pandemic has caused in such a short time, businesses, partners, and enablers need to do whatever it takes to limit the likelihood of transmission. Not only does this software guarantee safety for their team members but also potential and loyal clients.

And this is why businesses should hire reputable software developers to create a custom solution. A reputable software developer will offer stability and help in a time when we truly need it most. As well as assist in the installation, maintenance, and repair of the software. Such developers will offer a wealth of experience developing Solution Domain products using XML, Jscript, Expression Web, Swift, Github, Java, MySQL, and other relevant platforms. Offering customized solutions, they are experts in creating software and solution domain products tailored to help a business’s unique needs.

A Beneficial and Custom Communications Software

Custom Web Conferencing Software allows for effective communication, which dramatically aids businesses in presenting themselves. It will make all the difference in being a stable business within today’s technological advancements and uncertain times. It is crucial that such custom software can be trusted to do as it says and offer high-definition meetings. This article unpicked the multiple benefits of such software, from meeting management to professional presentations. These are crucial aspects of any business if it genuinely wants to impact.

The virus isn’t going away anytime soon, so everyone must take the proper precautions to prevent it from spreading. Therefore, any serious company or platform should adopt a custom web conferencing software solution. Because with a robust online meeting software integration, users can collaborate and accomplish great things without the need to assemble in an actual meeting room. 


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