How much does Custom Enterprise Software Development Cost?

Enterprise Software Development
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If you want to create your digital solutions the cost of custom enterprise software development is something you are interested in but giving a precise estimate is difficult. Cost get easily fluctuates by various factors which include the goals that your business wants to achieve.

However, when it comes to creating custom enterprise software, many companies are unsure of how much it will cost. The answer to this question depends on the type of software you need and the team of developers you’ll require for your project.

Honestly, every development project is different, businesses have their own needs, budgets, and preferences. So, the price will vary based on several factors. Usually, the following questions come to your mind when you approach a software development company.

  • What kind of software do I need to develop?
  • Factors that affect the development cost?
  • What will be the average cost of custom software like mine?
  • How can I estimate the amount I’ll have to pay?
  • Where do I start my development process?

These are some of the questions that come to your mind to get the answers you need to find yourself a reliable partner.

In this blog, we shall be discussing Custom enterprise software development vs SaaS and what is a custom software development and its importance. And how much does a custom enterprise software development cost?

Without wasting further time, let’s go!

Custom enterprise software development Vs SaaS

The two alternatives for implementing new software solutions are Custom enterprise software and SaaS. Small business owners rely on SaaS because it is a lower-budget alternative. Moreover, as a business grows the demand for software solutions changes. If you want to build a saas app there are various technology for SaaS app development. But it is unable to meet your business needs when your business grows.

On the other hand, custom enterprise software allows the implementation of solutions that match every organization’s needs. But with SaaS companies has to deal with limited approach, feature customization, and limitations in different access levels.

But SaaS is good for small business owners with a tight budget, if you want to build a SaaS app you can easily hire SaaS app developers.

Now let’s discuss custom enterprise software development in the next section. To know more read along.

What is custom enterprise software development?

Enterprise software development is the process of creating, deploying, designing, and maintaining software for a specific set of organizations and users. In contrast, customer enterprise software is designed for a specific set of needs, for example, a field service equipment maintenance program for the manufacturer.

In addition, custom enterprise software development is usually performed by the in-house development team or outsourced to a third party. The creation of such software requires a unique strategy that’s when it achieved its required purpose.

There are several types of Custom enterprise software applications available in the market which we have listed in the below table.

  Custom ERP system    The ERP software system helps in managing the entire enterprise management system for example- finance- it maintained tax and accounting, budget planning, and helps in assisting and maintaining a detailed history of transactions with customers.  
  Custom CRM system    Customer relationship management is a distinct business technique that places the customer at the center of the company’s operations. You can easily build enterprise CRM software by hiring a mobile app development company.  
  Custom HR system    This system helps with payroll management, selection, and adaptation. Plus, this help in maintaining attendance records and tracking absences.  
  Support system    Every company needs a support system. To help the customers to deal with the problem related to products and services.  
  Custom task management system    This is an easy way to organize task collaboration and project management. This technology is best for bigger organizations that have a huge workforce.  
  Custom LMS system    A custom LMS system is developed to meet specific eLearning needs with custom course-building tools for creating interactive learning content.  
  Custom financial system    Most of the financial sector relies on this software as it simplifies complex financial tasks.  

How much does custom enterprise software development cost?

The price and time required for development depend on the complexity of your software. The more features you integrate into your software the more design and development will become more expensive. However, it’s better to talk with two or three enterprise application development services so that you’ll get an idea of the development cost of custom enterprise software.

There are so many factors that affect the cost but the most it was affected by the location of your contractor. Let’s look at the approximate price for different stages of custom enterprise software development based on this factor.

  Outsourcing    Product discovery  UI/UX designer  Development  QA
  Eastern Europe  $20-60/hr$ 25-60/hr$30-80/hr$15-50/hr
  Western Europe  $45-90/hr$45-100/hr$55-100/hr$30-65/hr
  South America  $25-55/hr>$45/hr$25-55/hr$20-40/hr
  Asia  $15-25/hr>$40/hr>$45/hr>$30/hr

Here are the main factors that affect custom enterprise software development costs.

  • Developer location

Usually, Indian-based developers charge less as compared to the US and other Eastern European countries. So try to find enterprise application development services in India rather than hiring them to from other European countries.

  • Number of development hours

Another factor that affects the cost is the number of development hours. Custom enterprise software is complex to develop because they inhibit several functions. Consult the enterprise application development services to know the development hours so that you can get a rough estimate of the cost. If you want a rough estimate, multiply the hourly rate of the developer by your estimated development hours you will get the development cost.

  • Tools and technologies

 For developing custom enterprise software you need robust advanced tools and technologies. For this, you have to increase the development budget. The tools that are used in your software development will increase the cost.

  • Complexity of design

The complexity of the software can affect the development cost. The more features the more complex your software will become. We recommend you first decide your business needs and then go for the custom enterprise software development. This will not only reduce the cost but help you in the faster development of your software.

However, giving the exact cost is quite difficult as cost get easily fluctuate. So hire enterprise application development company and communicate all the important features that you want to include in your software they will help you in building your app within the budget.


If you have a tight budget and considering SaaS for small businesses simply hire SaaS developers. We recommend you to create custom enterprise software as it is better for your business growth. They both are vaild options for developing a software product, and each of them has its pros and cons. Moreover, custom enterprise software allows greater flexibility and ownership while SaaS guarantees cost-effectiveness and does all the maintenance. It is not a quick process but it has several benefits if you choose these software solutions. It depends on your decision to buy or build licensed software solutions according to your business requirements.

If you want to know more related to building custom enterprise software, you can contact enterprise application development services.

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