5 Ways to Grow Your Email List for Your eCommerce Business

Email List for eCommerce

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This is the year to take your eCommerce business to the next level. Doing so means tapping into all the relevant digital marketing channels to encourage growth. Email marketing is one avenue that can make a big difference when it comes to generating new leads and sales conversions.

Mindful of this, this article will share insights into how to successfully grow your email lists in the coming months. The goal is to foster better customer relationships, as part of a bankable, growing eCommerce marketing strategy.  

Email Growth List Tactics for eCommerce

When you’re a business owner that’s always on-the-go, having a few digital marketing tips on hand can buy you time to focus on the bigger picture. Increasing the size of your email marketing lists, however, it requires more than just a few tips here and there. The right growth tactics are far more effective in generating sustainable results: 

1) Offer exclusive first glimpses at new products

Customers that have been loyal to your brand for a long time deserve to be acknowledged. They’ve been an integral part of getting you to where you are today, after all. Doing so means generating positive sentiment for your business online, as well as potentially some word-of-mouth marketing too.

Although all businesses can’t be Apple or Samsung (with customers lining up for hours to get their hands on new products), the same principle can be useful for trying to entice new email list signups. By offering glimpses at new product releases exclusively through your emails, a new way to market signups presents itself. You could even go as far as giving them first dibs on pre-ordering, which helps with gauging interest before the launch date. 

2) Execute pop-ups correctly across your website

Pop-ups generally have a bad reputation. This is mostly thanks to their association with spam messaging on internet browsers two to three decades ago. From being misused in this way, many people have an inherent distrust when it comes to a specific message popping up on any website. 

It’s not too late to turn the tide, however. Done correctly, pop-ups can be a great way to drive sign-ups for your email list. Well-timed, reasonably sized and clear messages can actually compliment the customer journey. Keep text clear and concise and make sure you include an easy to interpret CTA. 

3) Prioritize high quality content across all channels

Growing your email list consistently isn’t going to happen simply by encouraging shares from within your existing master list or segments. The way you prioritize creating and sharing good content — specifically curated to the various marketing platforms — is a way to build consumer trust. 

The more engaging your content is, the easier it is to get outsiders to consider subscribing in order to learn more about your products or services. Social media can come in very handy here. The best approach to marketing will be sharing content on different channels pointing directly to each other, creating a flow of information that encourages new sign-ups no matter the campaign intention.

4) Capture additional sign-ups during checkout

Most customers will have to provide their email address when they buy a product online. Although you can’t add these to your subscriber without their consent, there’s nothing stopping you from asking them to do so as part of your checkout process.

Adding a checkbox before they add their payment details, or asking them outright if they are interested in doing so is a great way to capture more signups without having to add to the marketing budget. You already know that they are interested in your products, so the likelihood that they will agree is far higher than with more general outreach like a tweet, or landing page CTA.

5) Actively manage the email list

Growing an email list requires active management of the master and segment lists from campaign to campaign. Doing so is part of getting the basics of email marketing right. You should be updating audience segments regularly, performing tag cleanups and studying analytics with a fine-tooth comb.

Email segmentation strategies are plentiful, but deciding on the right one for your business means going through a process of trial and error. Those that don’t help you grow your email list should be avoided. Once the right is in place, more energy can be given to creating creative, targeted campaigns. These will increase shares, engagement and ultimately drive better sales revenue to the business over time. 

Growing the email master list for your eCommerce business doesn’t have to be overly complicated. 

With a bit of patience, good discipline and a willingness to try some new ideas, you’ll be able to tap into the potential of your marketing strategy in a sustainable manner. 

What is left to do from there is looking after your customers, in a bid to have them return for more time after time. 


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