ECommerce Mistakes to be avoided

ECommerce Mistakes
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There’s no need to explain why an E-commerce website is significant today. Indeed, it is the most popular way to grow a business. The right strategies can help you earn big with an E-commerce site to avoid ecommerce mistakes.

According to, an average E-commerce site earns around $39000 monthly revenue in the first business month. The same E-commerce website brings $6.5 million in revenue after three years.

The above stats are taken from a story published in 2015. It’s 2020, and there must be a significant increase in the mentioned figures.

However, to achieve this level of E-commerce growth, you need constant improvements and avoid ecommerce mistakes that lead to closure.

Speaking of closures, let me share that every four out of five E-commerce sites fail. Since online sales’ success has skyrocketed during the past few years, still E-commerce websites miserably fail at a high rate. E-Commerce failure happens because of applying wrong practices.

In this blog, I will show you common ECommerce mistakes that you need to avoid.

In case if you’re planning to start your E-Commerce business avoid ecommerce mistakes

Quick glimpse below to find what not to do.

Lacking Specialized Employees

Most of the E-commerce website owners hire individuals who show a do-it-all attitude. It means that online business owners hire multitasking employees.

Managing content marketing, content production, and SEO, SEM, Google, and Facebook ads require a specialized workforce since all the outlined functions are the core of the E-Commerce process.

Therefore, hiring an unprofessional or non-specialized workforce will set your E-Commerce website back to failure or closure.

Not Paying Enough Attention to SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is the backbone of your online business. Without it, the target audience will fail in finding the offerings that you have. Search engine optimization helps businesses to stay on top of the Google rankings.

When a user searches for a relevant keyword, then your E-Commerce site comes up in the results. Due to SEO, online users find your business solution, and it maximizes the chances of conversion.

Therefore, E-Commerce sites that never pay enough attention to SEO often fail to grab customers and easily lead to closure. I will suggest you always do your site SEO no matter what domain you’re in. Make sure to hire SEO experts only otherwise; you might not achieve the required outcome.

Hiring Unexperienced Developers and Designers

Starting an online business requires a heavy initial investment. Due to which many retailers hire inexperienced designers and developers.

Hiring cheap workers will eminently cut expenses, but it’s not the right practice to follow.

Inexperienced designers and developers can’t understand your business requirements. Consequently, it impacts a website’s responsive time and user-experience. Both response time and user experience are somehow connected and play a big role in deciding your business stability.

Hence, always hire designers and developers who already have worked in the same domain with the same technology stack.

Experienced developers better comprehend a user’s mind and match your E-Commerce site with that for maximum business benefits.

Using a Non-User-Friendly Domain

Like I mentioned above, user-experience decides your website’s stability. Think like a user before finalizing your E-Commerce design. If you’re not satisfied, then your audience also might not like it.

To keep your domain user-friendly, first check out the site’s response time and try keeping it short. Generally, a one-second response time is acceptable.

In addition, use high-quality pictures, short product descriptions, uncluttered navigations, and round-the-clock customer support.

Remember, winning E-Commerce success demands you to be cut-throat competitive. If you miss out on the basic features, then you’re gone from the market.

For that reason, be sure to enhance your website’s user experience frequently.

Not Maintaining a Secure Web Environment

Besides a user-friendly experience, a secure web experience is also necessary. These days’ cybercrimes are on the rise. Indeed, online users are prudent enough and using virtual private networks and robust antivirus software solutions.

However, online business owners should be careful to maintain a safe online environment for buyers.

Buyers share confidential details on E-Commerce platforms, including name, number, address, and credit card number.

Hence it is important to maintain E-Commerce web security. The most secure measures one can follow to ensure web security are given below:

  • Select a secure E-Commerce host and platform
  • Do frequent SQL checks
  • Keep updating your website
  • Use the updated website application firewall

Relying on a Few Marketing Channels

With changing times, marketing trends are also getting advanced. Relying on a few marketing channels may decline your conversion rate. Being a competitive E-Commerce owner, it is indispensable to utilize various marketing channels to boost conversion rates.

Don’t forget to leverage Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter for the best marketing results.

Moreover, always direct your team to follow the latest trends that might include making live product videos for Instagram and Facebook groups.

Avoid Aggressive Shipping and Return Policies

Many E-Commerce websites follow unclear and aggressive policies regarding shipping and returns. Try to create policies that favor buyers and if it’s not possible due to shipping charges, then state it clearly on the web. Aggressive shipping and return policies will harm your business, and buyers will feel offended to buy from your platform.

Use VPN and Antivirus Software

If you’re working on your website, then ensure using a high-quality VPN router. A VPN for router gets you network-wide protection. Usually, hackers disrupt E-commerce websites through XXS attacks and SQL injection. Therefore, antivirus software and VPN router are significant to combat such attacks. Besides VPN and antivirus software, using a vulnerability scanner will also be helpful. It scans and detects threats that you need to be aware of.

Final Verdict

A successful E-Commerce website can do wonders. It gives you a golden opportunity to earn millions of dollars. However, it’s not easy to run an online business. E-Commerce websites require constant updates and maintenance.

You have to focus on the latest technology and marketing trends to be competitive in the throat-cutting competition. Try to avoid all the mistakes outlined above in this blog, and see how it works for your domain.

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