Top 10 Tips to Get Easy Kills in Valorant


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Valorant by RIOT Games has been a sensation in the first-person shooter battle royale genre, breaking out in a category that not only has a lot of competition but it is dominated by some of the most downloaded games of all time is certainly a feat worth being proud of. But Valorant has not just only broken out, but in fact, it has dominated the downloaded charts since its release. But it does not mean that it is an easy game for one to get the hang of. And even though you can use Valorant Aimbot cheat to win some matches, there is the possibility of administrators banning your account.

Here are ten tips to get easy kills in Valorant using legal means.

1. Get familiar with your agent.

In Valorant, there are several characters that one can choose from for your gameplay. These characters have their own unique set of skills and abilities, so it is essential that you get familiar with them to get the best result in your gameplay. But it would be best if you only chose a couple of agents to play as mastering everyone would take quite a while.

2. Customize your settings

It is a tip that is useful in every game out there as the default setting might be best to get new gamers accustomed to the gameplay, it would not help the individual attain their best level and results. As soon as you get familiar with the gameplay of Valorant, you need to customize your gameplay settings to the ones you prefer.

3. Practice whenever possible

The only way one can improve in Valorant is by practicing their gameplay as much as they can, whenever possible. But you do not have to practice by doing actual matches as there is a firing range in Valorant for one to practice with their weapons, which is essential if one wants to win in Valorant.

4. Make use of the agent’s abilities.

As mentioned in the first point, Valorant offers gamers the option to choose from several agents that have their unique set of skills and abilities. And while it is common for beginners to forget about it and just focus on the shooting, if you want to win in the Valorant, you must not only understand what the agent’s abilities are but instinctively know when the right time is for one to make use of these abilities.

5. Choose the right agent for you.

It is crucial that you choose the right agent for you in Valorant, depending on the type of gaming style. Depending on your playing style, you would be able to at best choose from four or five agents, and it would be smart for you to master them first before going for any other agent available to you.

6. Bang the wall

If you are a veteran first-person shooting battle royale player, then you must know that taking cover behind the walls is one of the most common strategies applied in these games. And while in other games, this could be a frustrating strategy difficult for the attacker to break down, in Valorant, you can bang certain areas on the wall, which would make it come crumbling down.

7. Stealth is the key to success.

While it may seem like Valorant is a fast-paced game where every combatant is engaged in a gunfight, it is anything but in reality. Yes, Valorant is a fast-paced game for sure, but going gung-ho and attacking brazenly without worrying about the consequences is not the strategy of a winner. This strategy is not only discouraged, but any veteran player of the game could easily counter it. Stealth is the key to success in Valorant, and this is something you should keep in mind while playing Valorant.

8. Learn lineups and setups

You can only perform to the best of your abilities when you learn about the lineups and setups that are such an integral part of Valorant gameplay. One needs to learn about them as soon as possible, as, with this knowledge, you can even take down enemy players when you are at low HP, and the opponent is at a great distance, changing the game in one second.

9. Be aggressive

The passive play has no place in Valorant, and that is why you will see videos of players going absolutely berserk mode in Valorant. While that is not a smart way to play, it is better than playing defensively where your defeat is not a matter of if but when. Be proactive and take the game to your enemies; don’t let them put you on the defensive from the very beginning.

10. Enter fragging

One of the easiest ways you can get more kills on Valorant is thorough entry fragging. Using a duelist class or initiator class, you can easily get easy kills by fragging in Valorant.


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