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How to Divide PDF into Pages with Attachments on macOS

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Sometimes you have to divide PDFs into pages to manage the PDF files. It will make it easy for you to send the necessary pages of the PDF file to other people through email. However, the users raised many questions on how to separate PDF documents on the macOS system.

Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format by Adobe, and it is used for Official documents that include text format, images, embedded fonts, hyperlinks, etc. These PDF files are secure by adding passwords to them to prevent unwanted access by unauthorized users.

In this post, we will tell you the most efficient and affordable way possible to divide PDF into pages. In the below section, we have mentioned the top 3 ways to extract one page from a PDF document using the manual and the expert solution. But, before that let’s consider the advantages of PDF document formats.

What are the Advantages of PDF formats?

Nowadays, PDF format stores crucial documents due to the security and compatibility of PDF files. Besides, it has many more advantages like Graphic integrity, multi-dimensional, convenient, secure, and compact.

Graphic Integrity

PDF documents always display the same content and layout no matter which operating system, software, or device it is viewed.


The PDF format allows users to integrate multiple types of content such as text, images, videos, animation, and many more. These elements are combined within the same PDF file and displayed as a presentation, report, and portfolio.


PDF files are easily created, read, and used by every user.


Users can set a password to their PDF content and the whole document, such as watermarks, passwords, digital signatures, etc., to prevent it from unauthorized access.


PDFs contain information that can be compressed into a file size and is easy to exchange while retaining control over the quality level of the image.

Top 3 Methods to Divide PDF into Pages

There are two manual methods and one professional method by which users can split PDF into separate pages. In the below part, we have mentioned all of them in detail.

Method 1: Divide PDF Using Preview Application

In this method, you can easily split the PDF using the drag and drop method. Follow the steps listed below to know the process.

  • First, you have to open your PDF file with a preview application in macOS. 
  • After that, you can drag the pages which you want to the desktop.

Now, you can see the pages on your desktop which you have split using the above method.

Method 2: Use Automator to Split Pages

In this method, using the Automator application, users can extract one page from PDF. Follow the below-listed steps carefully.

  • Launch the Finder app on your macOS system.
  • Navigate the Applications on the left panel and click on Automator.
Divide PDF into Pages
  • Now, within the Automator tab, tap on Workflow and press the Choose button.
Divide PDF into Pages
  • Then, Drag the PDF to the empty section of the page.
Divide PDF into Pages
  • After that, Double click on the Split PDFs in the PDF tab.
Divide PDF into Pages
  • Save the Output file location (you can also customize the file name) and click on the Run button on the top right corner of the display.
Divide PDF into Pages

Using the above solution, you can divide pdf into pages. Also, If you want instant results, you can opt for the given alternative.

Method 3:  Using PDF Splitter Tool

PDF Splitter for Mac is an ideal and stand-alone utility for Mac users who effortlessly divide PDF  into pages. The software provides excellent features to customize the splitting operation as per your choice. Users can split and type and size the PDF file. In addition, you can add a password to protect your Output resultant file. It also provides an option to save PDF attachments in a sub-folder after the splitting process. This utility is well known for its interactive user interface and simple working. Apart from that, the tool is compatible with all versions of Mac.


In the above section, we have mentioned the top 3 methods to divide PDF into pages. Which two are manual approaches, and one is an expert solution. However, the professional solution gives you instant results so, we recommend users opt for this method. Moreover, the tool is the best-recommended software to split large PDF files within seconds. Apart from this, the software is compatible with all the versions of macOS.

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