Digital Analytics: A Beginner’s Guide

Digital Analytics

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Any organization must use digital analytics to its advantage in order to succeed. As you can see, analytics are at our fingertips, and although they may appear “new” to some, they cannot be ignored. Analytics can help you win more business. Who wouldn’t want that?

According to W3Techs, nearly 35 percent of websites did not use digital data analytics tools in 2021. Many businesses may believe they have missed the “data revolution” or that they are too small to benefit.

Unless you are already using digital analytics services in some form, now is the time to implement them. Rather, it’s, “Why aren’t you utilizing analytics?”

Here are the analytics tools we highly recommend to reach your organization’s goals. Find out what analytics is, why it’s so essential to your organization’s success, and why it’s so critical. In summary, these analytics tools will add value to your martech stack and help you achieve your organization’s goals by providing value to your business.

The power of analytics

Analyzing starts with understanding what analytics is. In this article, we will learn how analytics can be used in many ways, and how it can be viewed from a different perspective. 

In spite of the many different interpretations of what analytics really is and how it can be applied, there is one common theme—start today! As the analytics playing field changes, we will also see our definitions evolve. But on the other hand, this is how we remain constantly informed about the latest analytics tools and trends.

The following data examples can be found here:

  • Metrics and impressions related to social media engagement;
  • CRM system data on lead generation;
  • An app’s or website’s engagement with visitors;
  • Customer data from POS systems;
  • Even survey data can be useful.

In addition to spreadsheets and visual reports, there are also beautifully designed dashboards that take the data and shape it into something that is easier to comprehend. We use analytics to find out what is significant about data — because we are analyzing data to find out or emphasize what is significant about it. Math, statistics, and computer programming languages are often used when we analyze data.

Utilize your Google Adwords or Facebook data to better understand campaign ROI (return on investment) and you’ll find an infinite number of use cases.

Using site data from sources such as Google Analytics to assist in updating or enhancing website elements or content can also be helpful. This is especially true if your organization is planning a website refresh.

As the leader of your marketing team, you aren’t using analytics to its full potential. While your team has collected it on your website and social accounts, it is not being used. Past recommendations did not always lead to success due solely to intuition-based decision-making and experience.

Using the data you’ve collected, you decide to try something new-leveraging analytics. In addition to analyzing reports, creating visualizations, and determining what marketing efforts could help boost sales, you and your team can use industry knowledge and intuition to make recommendations. This will lead to increased sales. Overall, your analysis was able to increase sales without all the guesswork—and that’s a win for you!

Analytics: A Beginner’s Guide

Now that you know what analytics can do for your organization, you’re probably excited to get started! Although there are many types of analytics tools available on the market, website/app analytics, event tracking, and data visualization tools tend to be some of the most popular and widely used ones.

Analytics for websites and apps

Nowadays, almost everyone has a website or an app. Are you measuring traffic to your site or app in any way? Regardless of your business’ size or industry, valuable data must be collected.

Make today the day you start thinking forward

There is no doubt that it is crucial for your organization to begin using digital measurement services, regardless of whether you already do so. Your team and key stakeholders need to continue discussing how analytics can be integrated into business decision-making.

Our recommendation for getting started with analytics is Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Google Data Studio, but there are plenty of solutions and tools available.

It is imperative to remember that there is always more to learn about analytics. Therefore, be sure to maintain your education by reading articles, attending pieces of training, or even scheduling a consultation if you are interested in working with us.

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