Things to Consider When Developing your Android Game

Developing Android Game
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If you’re planning on developing your next game app for your android game development company, there are some things you should keep in mind before spending money and time to build out your app’s features. Android has over 1 billion users worldwide as one of the most popular mobile game platforms. If you want to reach as many of them as possible, you’ll have to be sure your app has the right functionality and accessibility. We recommend paying attention to these important things when developing your Android game app.

Determine what success means

Success for a mobile game can vary greatly depending on what the individual developer is looking for. So, before you start developing, it’s important to know what success means for you.

  • Do you want to make enough money from your project to live off it, or are you just looking for something fun and creative that will allow you some free time?
  • Understanding what success looks like will help answer the following questions (and many more!).
  • Does my idea require in-app purchases?
  • Does my app need social media enabled so users can play with friends?
  • How long should my app be?
  • Should I have separate apps for different platforms (i.e., iOS and Android)?
  • What development tools should I use?
  • What graphic design skills do I have, or will my design team have?
  • What programming language(s) am I comfortable using?
  • Is this an original idea or derivative work based on another IP?
  • Will any advertising be involved in the game at all times, and if so, who handles these responsibilities?

Have an understanding of the market

Now that you’ve had time to research the mobile gaming industry, you should start thinking about what type of game you want. There are several different genres of games worldwide, and some will resonate more with people than others. For example, there are strategy games, racing games, first-person shooters, etc. You’ll need to determine which genre is most popular in your target market before deciding what kind of game you want.

You’ll need to decide how much money and time you’re willing to spend on marketing for the app. You might not be able to compete with other apps if they have more money spent on advertising and development than you do. The better your app is marketed, the more downloads it’ll get. Make sure that all of the graphics are attractive and easy to understand; that way, players won’t feel frustrated or confused by them.

Get feedback early and often

Feedback from an early prototype will help you know what to work on next and save time. You’ll have a greater chance of adding the features players want and cutting out the ones they don’t care about. This can also help you make changes that might not be possible once the game is more developed. It’s important to get input at this stage because it may be too late. Be sure to communicate with hardcore and casual gamers, as they each offer valuable insight into what you should do next. For example, hardcore gamers might complain that the graphics are too simplistic, while casual gamers may complain about being unable to find their favorite character in the game.

Getting feedback from a larger group of people gives you different perspectives, which can lead to a better final product for everyone!

Don’t lose sight of your target audience

If you want to create a game for smartphones, then it is crucial that you think about the target audience. You will need to ensure that the game is compatible with various devices. One wrong move and you could end up with an app that doesn’t work on many phones. If you are making a puzzle or card game, ensure the gameplay can be paused while someone makes an important phone call. Keep in mind that people might not have unlimited data plans, and don’t forget that they may not be able to use their phones at work or school. Be mindful of how often your player needs to interact with the screen and what happens if they put the phone down (i.e., does it automatically pause?).

Don’t make assumptions about technology trends

Don’t make assumptions about technology trends. It’s always best to be on the cutting edge, but don’t get too ahead. The mobile landscape changes so quickly that you’ll spend a lot of time and resources trying to keep up with the latest trends. So it’s better to have a small team work together to avoid costly mistakes. Consider this before deciding how many people should work on your project.


In conclusion, it is important to remember that mobile games are not one size fits all. Careful consideration must be given to give your mobile game a competitive edge.

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