Top 4 Degrees for Pursuing a Career in Technology

Career in Technology

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Whether you have a passion for computers, are looking for employment in a growing field, or you are aiming for a career with a high salary, you can’t go wrong with a career in technology. Between 2020 and 2030, experts predict jobs in the computer and technology fields will grow by 13%, which is faster than the average for all occupations.

But before you can launch your own successful career in technology, you need to choose the right degree. There are a number of technology-focused degrees out there, each leading to unique careers in the field. Keep reading to learn four of the top degrees in technology you can choose to pursue.

1. Information Technology

Degrees in the field of information technology are divided into two categories: business-focused and those with a focus on information technology and networking.

For those with an interest in business and how the latest technology helps to advance business success, a business-focused degree might be the best choice. While pursuing this degree, you’ll develop your business and organizational skills while also learning about cloud computing and big data storage.

An advanced degree in IT and networking focuses on how companies store and secure their data. This means you’ll not only learn advanced data management skills but also cybersecurity skills to help you protect that data.

2. Software Development

With more than 315,000 projected new jobs in 2021 and a median salary of more than $100,000, a career as a software developer is often ranked one of the best technology jobs in the field.

As a software developer, you’ll combine your computer skills with your creativity to do everything from writing new code for brand new software to fixing complicated issues with existing codes. There are lucrative opportunities both in the private and public sector, as well as for working on freelance or remote positions.

3. Computer Information Systems

When it comes to pursuing an online technology degree that opens the door for a variety of options for future careers, computer information systems (CIS) is a great choice. With this degree and the right specialization, you can pursue a career in computer forensics, database management, cybersecurity, web game programming, and more.

While earning this degree, you’ll have a chance to gain hands-on experience to prepare you for handling all kinds of challenges you might face in your new career. 

4. Network and Communications Management

Many technology degrees prepare students for careers that are largely behind the scenes. From building code to developing new tech to fixing IT problems, these careers are rewarding and project-oriented, but often don’t involve management positions, beyond managing a small team in your department.

If you’re eager to lead and want a career with that aim, a degree in network and communications management might be the right choice. With this degree, you’ll develop both your technical knowledge and managerial skills.

Choosing the Right Degree

Deciding to pursue a career in technology is a great chance to combine your interests and passions in a growing field with lots of opportunities for advancement. But before you can launch your new career, you have to choose the right degree. From information technology to computer information systems, these four degrees are some of the fastest-growing in the field and can help you to pursue a variety of different careers in computers and technology.

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