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If you have decided to develop a progressive web app, the possibility is high that you might not be satisfied with the performance of your current native mobile app. Right? So, what did compel you to take such a plunge? The slow experience of your mobile application or low conversion rate? Whatever the reason is, your decision to build a PWA for your brand could not be better in such a situation. But the question is, how much money do you need in your pocket for progressive web app development

Well, this is the question for which you need to read this whole prose to get a relevant answer. Yes, you heard that right! So, let’s begin the primer perusing journey without discussing trivial details anymore. First, let’s capture a glimpse of:

Incredible Statistics about Progressive Web App Development

  1. As per a premier market research and strategy consulting company, the market for progressive web apps worldwide was around $1.13 billion and is expected to grow up to $10.44 billion by 2027 with a CAGR of 31.9%.
  2. According to a survey carried out among eCommerce decision makers, 9% of agencies have shown interest in investing in PWAs in 2021. While, 8% of them claimed that they have already implemented progressive web apps in their business. And around 28% of entities didn’t have any plan to spend on PWAs in 2021. (Information provided by a highly-praised provider of market and consumer data)
  3. Based on the findings in TOP 30 PWAs’ report, the average conversion rate through PWAs was 36% more than that of native mobile programs. 

Now, if that piqued your interest in progressive web apps and you want to forge one for your brand, hire progressive web app developers now.

What Is the Average Progressive Web App Development Cost?

The cost to form a PWA depends on a wide variety of factors. That is the main reason we can’t provide you with the exact estimate of expenditure without getting a good sense of the requirements of your project. Still, if you see the current average price of progressive web app development, it usually begins from $40,000 and goes up to $50,000.

Remember, some progressive web apps cost less owing to the number of features and functionalities they have, while some cost millions of dollars depending on the nature of users’ pain point they are intended to solve. Based on the experience of an excellent PWA development company, building a standard progressive web app takes somewhere around 2,000 to 2,500 hours. Now if you take some serious customizations into your consideration, the aforementioned figures can even double or triple. 

A few monumental factors that affect the overall PWA development cost includes:

  1. Modules 
  2. Customizations
  3. Design 
  4. Number of integrations

Now, if you want to learn about them in detail, we would suggest persuing the following text stack, i.e., 

What Are Some Factors That Influence the Progressive Web App Development Cost?

As discussed above, the PWA creation cost depends on a large number of factors. Yes, because the complexity of every project is not the same. Even the strategy of a PWA development company, the technology they rely on, and the required expertise for different projects are also different. Despite factoring in all these things, the PWA construction cost may elevate depending on the time it takes for fabrication. Once you have kept in mind all the factors impacting the total expense on progressive web app development, you can get a rough idea of your PWA manufacturing cost. Now, let’s get enlightened about every factor in the following section:  

  1. Type of Project 

The amount required to build a progressive web app is highly dependent on the intricacy of the project. For example, the requirements for making an online store will be a lot different from that of an online travel booking application. The higher the complexity of a PWA, the greater its development cost.  

  1. Location of the Development Team 

You might not know this, but the truth is that the area of the development team usually has a heavy impact on the PWA formation cost. Just to let you know, a software development team mainly entails:

  1. A business analyst 
  2. A front-end developer 
  3. A backend developer 
  4. A project manager 
  5. A QA engineer 
  6. A UI/UX designer 

The geographic location of all these professionals and the amount of experience they hold are highly likely to influence their paycheck if the words of a well-known PWA development company are to be believed. A case in point here is that a senior front-end developer is often paid less in terms of average per hour rate in Asian nations than they are in Europe or North America. And for a deeper understanding of IT professionals’ charges, you can also take a look at the table below: 

RegionHourly rate for progressive app developers
Asia$25 to $50
South America$30 to $60
Europe$50 to $120
US and Canada$70 to $150
  1. User Interface Requirements 

Once you hire progressive web app developers for your PWA creation, your job is not over yet. Yes, you need to ensure that the final product is handy for end users too. Therefore, you must give it a user-friendly design and also market it adequately. Do not forget that creating a solid brand value is essential too. 

And according to the POV of a well-established PWA development company, the design of your web app as well as ease of navigation plays an important role in building your brand value. Even you cannot afford to miss high-quality graphics, which will again contribute to the upsurge in your PWA development cost. Apart from all this, there are many more things to bear in mind when deciding to pick a reliable framework, such as:

  1. Ease of navigation 
  2. Multiple filters 
  3. Attractives CTAs
  4. Product recommendations 
  5. Wishlist and checkout options 
  1. Nature of Complexity of the App

When you start your market research to hire progressive web app developers, you will realize that the total PWA development cost varies based on the complexity of the project and the number of software personnel involved in it. For that reason, you may consider being better off with a basic progressive web app formation that features just the PWA package and some standard features. However, if that doesn’t fit your bill, you can also avail complex web app development services that comes with:

  1. Additional functional pages 
  2. 3rd party system integrations
  3. State-of-the-art payment gateways 
  4. Chat platforms 

In short, you will have to be ready to invest more time and money in your web app construction if you are eyeing on more latest and distinctive features. All this will boost your PWA development cost sharply.

In conclusion

Up until now, we hope you have interpreted properly how much you need to splurge on your PWA development if you want to have one for your brand. Right? So, if that is the case, hire progressive web app developers now to take your web app creation plan to the execution stage. 

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