Choose Custom Car Magnets for Your Business Promotions

Custom Car Magnets
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Car magnets are custom-designed magnetic materials in different shapes available for outdoor purposes. Most users tend to choose 30-mil thick custom magnets as this is the ideal thickness to ensure optimum strength. However, if you want to get magnets with more thickness, there are various choices available as far as the size is concerned. It is ideal to buy custom-size magnets as per your vehicle’s make and the place where you fix it on your car body. Also, keep in mind that you may fix magnets only on the flattest area of your vehicle. The most popular sizes available in custom car magnets are 12″x18″, 18″x24″, 12″x24″ etc.

Car magnets are best for small-format advertising

Car magnets are ideally used as temporary signage, which is so easy to fix and remove as you wish. Also, these are available cheaply, so make it the most affordable mode of small-format ads. Many businesses effectively leverage this advantage to give away magnets as their promo materials to the customers. You may make the people aware of your brand, product, or services through these magnets at a very minimal expense. You may imagine the number of people seeing the brand repeatedly as the vehicle it fixed on is there on the road.

The initial thing to consider while you opt for car magnets is to prevent those from flying off the vehicle when you are on the move. For this, you need to enquire whether the provider offering custom car magnets offer it with a proper round corner to be aerodynamic or not. Rounded corner magnets are found to be more aerodynamic can cling tightly onto the surface without flying off the body. Before applying the car magnets on to the vehicle body, make sure that it is fully flat. You may also ensure that there are no dirt or dust particles on the surface where the magnet is applied. Do not allow air to be trapped between the magnet and the car surface to ensure the best fix. You may also need to opt for single colour or multi-colour car signs based on your budget.

Buying car magnets

Before you decideto buy neo car magnets, always ensure that it is weather and water-resistant. To ensure that your magnets do not fail in the sunlight of hot environmental conditions, it is important to check for the UV resistant badge that many providers offer. A weather seal as a clear vinyl coating is also recommended to be affixed onto the magnet’s printed side to make it waterproof. Such an add-on sealing will also make the magnet resistant against any extreme weather conditions like heat, rain, snowfall etc.

As we have seen, the conventional form of car magnets is round cornered. However, there are many other choices also available now as oval or custom-shaped car magnets. You may keep in mind that you have to pay some additional bucks for customizing the shape according to your wish. You should also ensure that the shape is compliant with aerodynamics and will not fall off when your vehicle moves against the wind.

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