Call of Duty Modern Warfare: 5 Tips to Smash the competition on Gunfight

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

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Wining the Gunfight mode is not easy at all. Killing another team of 2 in 40 seconds’ tops can be a challenge even for the renowned gamers. But you see, some players have emerged as the winners in this tough mode. So, how did they do it? That’s what you’re about to find out below. 

This article will share the 5 tips that never fail to help players win Gunfights. Apart from these tips, you have to use the best COD MW Cheats with Aimbot to simplify the game. With these tools at your disposal, your team will smash the competition in just a few seconds. 

If you’re set now, keep reading. 

Top Tips to Win Gunfight

1. Understand your environment first 

One of the first things to help you win is good map knowledge. If you don’t know your environment, it will be difficult to perform better. Moreover, the Gunfight maps are very different from other Warzone maps. Some of the maps you’ll play on include King, Speedball, Hill, Stack, Gulag Showers, Docks. 

You need to familiarize yourself with the strategic spots on these maps since they’re not very large. For instance, the Gunfight maps are narrower and won’t allow much roaming around like others. Also, one of the maps, “Hill,” hides players very well due to its grassy nature.  Many people play very carefully on this map because it can work for or against you. So, take your time to study them a bit to understand how to fight. Such knowledge will even help you spawn carefully and not die the first seconds you enter the game

2. Focus on the Objective 

One thing about Gunfight is that it is tough and doesn’t give players enough time to grasp the situations. That’s why you must never allow any form of distraction while on the map. Thankfully, the maps are not like the usual 6v6 designs that allow for much movement and pursuit for loot. The two teams have what they need in the game already. So, make sure your actions and focus will be to kill the other team. Remember, if you don’t, they’re going to kill you. Since the target is to kill them all or grab the “Overtime” flag, focus on these things and don’t look sideways. 

3. Fight with Urgency 

Some people will say be aggressive, and in our books, that’s the same thing. Don’t allow any seconds to waste in the game. That split second is all it takes to kill you, as the other team of two is targeting you as well. Every action you take must be intentional and not uncertain. The game is fast and requires that aggression and urgency win.

4. Coordinate with your partner 

This game is a 2v2 style that ensures you’re playing with a partner. The two of you will face the other team in a bid to emerge the winner. If you die or your partner dies, it will become 1v2, which is more lethal for anyone. So, no matter what you do, always plan with the other person and take coordinated actions to win. Thankfully, the developers made it easier for the teams to match each other at a level field. Each team will use the same weapon and equipment to spawn into the game. So, it is now your ability to fight together and execute tactical actions that will make the difference. With the voice Comms available in Gunfight, communication won’t be difficult. This is not the time to be a solo winner. 

5. Use the Ping System

Apart from voice communication, you can help your partner with the ping system in the game. With this feature, you can serve as the eye for each other. For example, if you see an oncoming threat, you can ping him about it. Also, your teammate can do the same for you, thereby minimizing the danger of the other team. 

6. Watch out for your health. 

Health is critical in Gunfight. If the teams all make it to the end of the round without anyone dying, their health will determine the winner. If the timer ends, there is usually a fight for the map. If no team captures it, then the health points will be checked. That’s why you must always avoid anything that will deplete your health points. Funny enough, you will have only 100HP for the game. So, avoid hits and mete out as many hits against the enemy. 


The gunfight mode is not a game to play without focus and tactics. The only good thing is that both teams use the same level of weapons. That way, no one will have a competitive edge over the other, at least in that area. But if you must win, your team will have to communicate all the time. You must focus on the objective and play aggressively. Also, don’t forget to protect your health as it might cause you to lose if it reduces. 

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