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What are best amazon seller tools for newbies?

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Being on Amazon to sell the products is one the best decisions of your life. This is because it is the biggest online shopping platform with billions of prospective buyers. However, at the same time, there is tough competition between the sellers on Amazon. To outrank the competitors, you need to use meaningful content, offer quality goods, choose the right keywords, analyze competitors’ strategies, track listing, and much more. But, being a beginner, it isn’t easy to do all these things perfectly. Don’t lose your heart. Several softwares, including the Amazon FBA PPC tool, can help you set up an online business effectively. By using them, you can start generating good & consistent income in a relatively short period. 

Although there are hundreds of tools out there for Amazon FBA sellers online, all of them are not meant for newbies. We have made a list of the seven best Amazon seller tools for beginners to grow their business in 2021.

1. Keyworx

To increase the ranking on Amazon, it is important to insert the right keywords in the listing. Put simply; keyword tracking is essential to beat the competition. Keyworx tool makes this process quite easy for newbie Amazon sellers. It allows you to choose the most efficient keywords (whose search is quite high) to put in the title and description. It will boost your organic search and enable more prospective customers to see your product. Although this tool is paid, you will get ongoing support and training. 

2. Amazon Seller App

If you are looking for a free way to enhance your Amazon sales, the Amazon Seller app is the right option. Yes, you heard right, it is absolutely free. It helps your retail arbitrage by scanning items and then suggesting their appropriate selling price. Amazon Seller app is a basic tool that every beginner seller must use to set up their business. With its help, you can respond quickly to buyers’ messages, analyze your sales, manage inventory, offers, etc.

3. Jungle Scout

In the initial phase, Jungle Scout was made to research the best-selling product, but with time, many features were added to it, and at present, it has become a one-stop solution that every Amazon seller needs. From Supplier Database to Jungle Scout promotion, it is composed of 13 amazing amazon seller tools. By investing in this incredible tool, you can easily find manufacturers for your product, do product research, uncover potential Amazon customers. 

4. Octoparse

Octoparse is a famous web crawler tool to extract scrap data from any website. The amazing thing about this tool is that it’s absolutely free. With its help, you can make the right marketing strategy for your product by going through customer reviews and profiles. Not just that, this tool allows you to access built-in Amazon web scraping templates so that you can improve your sales. 

5. Scale Insights

Organic search is not enough to get the eyes of potential customers; you also need a paid pay-per-click campaign on Amazon to win the game. However, it’s quite tricky. Worry not. Scale Insights can help you in this context. It is a popular Amazon FBA PPC tool whose subscription is free for the first 30 days. You can manage multiple massive Amazon campaigns with its help. Buy Scale Insights today to increase the visibility of your product on Amazon.

6. ZonGuru

Next in line is “ZonGuru.” With this software, you can do multiple things to boost your Amazon significantly; track results, send follow-up emails to customers and find the right keywords. Apart from this, identifying revenue a single keyword generates becomes quite easy with this tool. Fortunately, ZonGuru is pretty cost-effective and cheaper than other Amazon seller tools; it will not go to make a hole in your pocket. 

7. Feedback Whizz

This is the best tool to analyze product reviews. If you want to automate your email campaigns and want more reviews on Amazon, it would be better to invest in Feedback Whizz. It will increase the number of reviews faster.

The Bottom Line-:

Hope you found the above information helpful and consider the above tool to thrive your business on Amazon.

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