How Biotricity Sets Itself Apart in a Competitive Diagnostic Monitoring Industry

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In a healthcare technology industry heavily influenced by conglomerates, Biotricity is setting itself apart via a comprehensive approach, one dedicated to patients, while utilizing cutting-edge technology. The company, which was founded by visionary entrepreneur CEO Waqaas Al-Siddiq, continues to make waves on the modern healthcare industry front, leveraging technology to revolutionize wearable cardiac monitoring systems, while establishing groundbreaking advancements in patient health monitoring and diagnostics.

Unlike Biotricity’s many competitors, it takes a patient-centric approach to healthcare, providing solutions that better cater to their respective diagnosis and overall wellbeing for cardiac-related conditions. Additionally, the company also provides better solutions for healthcare providers and the system itself. Its wearable Electrocardiogram (ECG) device, Bioflux, offers continuous — and reliable — monitoring of cardiac activity, enabling early detection of irregularities and prompt intervention. In fact, the system seamlessly integrates data transmission, real-time analytics, cloud-based storage and facilitation of efficient communication between physicians and patients.

Per a holistic approach to cardiac health, Biotricity is creating distance among the competitive industry race, which is often focused solely on arrhythmia detection, that can leave critical cardiac aspects unaddressed. Some companies in the industry have even violated regulations set in place by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Al-Siddiq and Co., in contrast, have proven a dedication in providing real solutions and value for the industry.

“Some technology developed by companies have limitations,” said Al-Siddiq. “These transmission issues and lack of real-time monitoring can be detrimental for patients. These diagnostic deficiencies result in missed opportunities of early detection.”

The Bioflux System

One of the flagship products under the Biotricity umbrella is the Bioflux system. It utilizes artificial intelligence (AI)-powered algorithms to continuously analyze cardiac data, while also helping to identify irregular heartbeat patterns along the way, all with remarkable accuracy.

As a result, Bioflux’s technological prowess enables physicians to diagnose cardiac conditions straight away and in helping them develop life-saving treatment plans for patients. Additionally, in being cognizant that patient compliance is essential to healthcare, the company understands the importance and need for emphasis on lifting the overall patient experience.

“Our expert-developed and user-friendly, wearable devices are not only comfortable, but also non-intrusive,” Al-Siddiq said. “By facilitating consistent patient-physician engagement and making the day-to-day more comfortable for patients, we are offering a better opportunity to strengthen bonds between them, but also in both monitoring and maintaining chronic cardiac conditions.”

Al-Siddiq is both a leader and innovator, while sitting firmly at the helm of helping transform the healthcare technology industry. The entrepreneur and influencer have played a pivotal role behind reforming how patients utilize remote cardiac monitoring solutions.

Actionable Results

There exist several companies who certainly offer impressive wearable industry options, but Biotricity certainly shines among them via its advanced technology, comprehensive approach and commitment to patients. The company’s many advancements have made it possible for patients to have a sound peace of mind regarding their health. Al-Siddiq’s leadership and vision will certainly propel Biotricity in continuing to advance, while also ultimately shaping the new era of healthcare innovation.

About Biotricity Inc.Biotricity is reforming the healthcare market by bridging the gap in remote monitoring and chronic care management. Doctors and patients trust Biotricity’s unparalleled standard for preventative & personal care, including diagnostic and post-diagnostic solutions for chronic conditions. The company develops comprehensive, remote health monitoring solutions for the medical and consumer markets. For more information, please visit

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