Best YouTube URL Tricks You Can Try In 2024

youtube url tricks

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Indeed, Youtube is the best video-sharing and monetization platform. In support, Youtube in-app purchases revenues,  with over 29 million U.S. dollars spent by users on the platform.

Do you know that you can do some changes on Youtube url to get your things done such as: 

  • Loop a video to infinite
  • Skip a certain amount of the intro
  • Jump straight to your youtube subscription
  • Converting video into GIF

Awww! Isn’t that awesome! 

Are There Any Apps Better Than YouTube? 

Digital media landscape is widespread and escalated across the globe. Search for the best youtube video downloader and you may find dozens of apps that let you download videos for free. 

Apps like Utreon and Dailymotion are quite good alternatives to Youtube. These apps provide you to stream and watch dozens of videos of various genres for free, while some ask for a subscription. 

Sharing some of the best youtube url tricks to try out now. 

Trick One: Link to Any Part of a Video

The first trick is about linking to a specific part of a video. This means you can share a custom youtube link of your video that will play from a duration you want someone to watch. 

To do, add &t=YmXXs to the end of a video URL, you’ll set it to start Y minutes and XX seconds into the video. 

Trick Two: Loop a Video Infinitely

Select any youtube video and add this word “repeater” after youtube in the url. 

This will open a new window called Youtuberepeater which loops the video for you. 

Trick Three: Bypass Age Restrictions

There are some videos on youtube that restrict you from playing. Due to age restriction this may cause problems. But you can unlock it and watch it happily. 

Try this, add nsfw in front of the youtube part of the link. For example,

Trick Four: Grab the Thumbnail of Any Video

The last trick is grabbing any video’s thumbnail. 

Try this,[VideoID]/maxresdefault.jpg 

In place of VideoID, copy and paste the video url id. 

Generally, Youtube monetization practices incurred channel merchandise selling, memberships, and comment highlights. 

Many users are generating prolific revenues by monetizing their channel. But, YouTube is not the only app that is in the forefront of the race. 

There are several video apps that are better than YouTube. What are those, what they do, and are they worth trying as Youtube alternatives? 

Bonus: Best Apps Work Similar As YouTube

Following are some discoverable apps and websites that grant you the same fun and enduring similarity to YouTube. 

1. Twitch 

Owned by Amazon, it is a very popular, indigenous, and best live-streaming platform for everyone, especially gamers. 

According to a recent survey, the platform accumulates over 140 million users and over 7 million active streamers, monthly. 

Twitch in similar to YouTube in many ways, such as: 

  • Users can create posts and upload high quality videos,
  • Can do premiere, live streaming, and giveaways, 
  • Can like, share, comment, and save to a playlist.
  • Potentially can earn money by monetizing the channel.

Out of nowhere, Twitch is regarded for broadcasting several live music videos from festivals and concerts held around the world. 

Like you can subscribe to channels on Youtube, in Twitch, you can follow artists as well.

2. Dailymotion

You might have heard of it already. Aren’t you?

Much in like-to-like competition with YouTube, Dailymotion is a good alternative to experience. The website grants you millions of videos uploaded with professionals and beginners. 

Unlike youtube, you will see organized homepage of videos as per categories like videos, news, sport, entertainment, and music being given prevalence.

One of the best features we have noticed is that it lets you create an account and personalize recommendations based on videos you watch in time. Simply, the more you watch, the more the site’s recommendations become.

3. Vimeo 

There was a time when Vimeo was the buzz-word on the internet. It is still being concentrated ceaselessly since the inception of apps like moneylion surfaced online. 

Vimeo is also a good competitor to YouTube as it offers some TV series and supports 360-degree videos. Noticeable similarities are easy-to-browse search features and organized videos by channel and category. 

Its customization features stand out for anyone that lets you create videos that are fun and impactful for viewers. 

4. Utreon

Utreon is a new and competitive video sharing platform that stands in parallel to YouTube. If you are not able to find videos on YouTube, Utreon is worth checking out. You may get far collections of new video content from all over the countries. 

The platform is good for those looking for professional inspirational stuff for brand or personal work. Many individuals showcase their skills, resulting in millions of views. 

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