What is The Best Pedometer App for Android Phone Free?

Pedometer App
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Pedometers are the devices that count a number of steps you take in a day. People who want to lose weight usually use this for getting to know about their daily routine activities, which helps them to improve their routine and reach desired goals easily. Pedometer app helps people to track how much they walk or run every day so they can easily manage their walking, jogging, and running routine activities. In this article, I have listed some best Pedometer apps for Android Phone free so if you are looking for a good application to track your walking or running activity then here is the answer for you? Let’s have a look at the list of Best Pedometer App for Android Phone Free.

What is a Pedometer?

Pedometers are devices that are used for counting steps, distance covered and the number of calories burned during a particular time duration. It is a very useful tool to track daily activity so one can easily manage their workout routine. Also, these smart gadgets help people in losing weight by measuring calorie burn rates on a daily basis. A good quality pedometer is capable of tracking speed, distance and duration. It also calculates your running pace which can be helpful if you are a runner or into fitness activities.

What to look for in the Best Pedometer App for Android? How to choose the right one?

In this era of smartphones, most people rely on apps to do daily activities. There are numerous apps available for Android Smartphones which can be used as Pedometer App. So before choosing any app you need to consider a few key features like accuracy, speed and ease of use on a daily basis.

Pedometers use a 3D motion sensor or accelerometer to measure all the movement made by the human body so it must track steps perfectly.

The accuracy of the App is very important because this determines whether you are getting correct data or not. You must choose an app that tracks your steps accurately so it’s better to go with apps which has good reviews and ratings by other users.

The pedometer app should support voice input so you can easily track all activity details in a single tap. It must have good settings so you can also change the sensitivity of sensors and other options available for this app.

Some Apps provide in-depth statistics about your running activities that help people to improve their routine. You should look for an app that shows data like steps taken during a particular month or day, speed chart, distance covered, and estimated calories burned.

I will recommend you to go with the app that provides additional features like GPS tracking, map integration, and social sharing options because these can be helpful for fitness freaks.

These are the key features which most people look for in a good pedometer app so try to consider all these things before choosing Pedometer App for Android.

Top 5 Best Pedometer App for Android Phone Free

Now let’s have a look at the list of Top 5 Best Pedometer App for Android phone free which is widely used around the world. These are easy to use and provide all the needed features that you need in a daily routine. You can choose any one as per your need and try to use it if you think it will be helpful in tracking your daily activities.

#1. Step Pedometer & Walking 3D Free by Azumio Inc. [4.3 Star Rating] [50,000,000+ Downloads]

One of the best pedometer app with an excellent rating on the Google play store is Azumio Step Pedometer. It has more than 50 Million downloads on the Google Play store and an almost 4.5 Star rating which proves its quality and popularity among all other apps. You can use it to track your speed, duration, a distance of running or walking activity with the help of GPS integration. This app comes with an in-depth sleep tracking system that can be used to improve your daily routine.

There is a dedicated social feature available where you can share your activity statistics with friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. It also has a Walking 3D feature which is very helpful in showing the actual visual of how much distance have you covered while walking or running. You can also unlock achievements and earn badges for your activity level with this app. This is available in both a free version and pro membership so you can try it before buying the Pro Version.

#2. Steps Pedometer & Step Counter by Mathworks Inc [4.1 Star Rating] [100,000+ Downloads]

Another good quality pedometer app is Steps Pedometer & step counter by Mathworks Inc. This app will be helpful if you want to track your daily activities and improve your health with the help of tracking measurements. It comes with a beautifully designed cardiogram chart which gives all required information about heart rate and provides good statistics based on it.

You can also control the music player from this app with the help of the remote control option where you can access all your favorite tunes from your Android device. This is available in the free version and Pro version so try out the free version before buying pro membership for this App.

#3. Pedometer ++ – Step Counter, Walking & Running Tracker by Infinite Red [4.5 Star Rating] [1M+ Downloads]

Another most popular pedometer app is Pedometer ++ – Step Counter, Walking & Running Tracker by Infinite Red. This comes with an excellent 4.5 star rating on Google play store and almost 1 million downloads which shows its quality and provides lots of options to users for using it as per their requirement.

It has some unique features which you will not find in other pedometer apps. It has the power of a 3D graphic that you can use to measure your activity and improve your routine with the help of fitness goals and measurements for distance, steps, and calories burned. This app is compatible with both Android phones and tablets so it’s perfect to use as a daily routine.

#4. Step Counter – Pedometer Walking Running by Pointer Software Tech LLC [3.9 Star Rating] [100,000+ Downloads]

Yet another good quality app to the list of Best Pedometer App for Android is Step Counter – Pedometer Walking Running by Pointer Software Tech LLC. It has a 3.9-star rating with almost 100 Thousand downloads which means it’s being used by lots of people around the world. You can use this app to track your activity and improve your daily routine with the help of fitness goals.

It comes with an excellent notification system that will show some light notifications on the screen every time you walk or run for some specific duration. You can also set a daily activity goals with this app and try to improve your regular routine.

#5. Nike+ Move – Your Personal Trainer by Nike, Inc [4 Star Rating] [10M+ Downloads]

Another best pedometer is Nike+ Move – Your Personal Trainer by Nike, Inc. which can be used to track your daily activity and workouts using GPS integration. It comes with a very clean and easy-to-use interface so you will not feel difficult to use it as one of the Best Pedometer App for Android.

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It has an advanced sleep tracking system that will provide all required sleep statistics about deep and light sleep timing. You can also connect your Android device with Bluetooth devices to share your activity statistics with friends on Facebook and Twitter. This app is available for both Android phones and tablets which you can try out within the free version.


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