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No matter how modern you become with machinery products, handmade items always have their special place in everyone’s heart. The beauty and the authenticity they possess can’t to be compared with anything. Whether it’s a handicraft jewelry or a bag or any decorative item, it would always be unique and admired by everyone. Today, in this blog, let us talk about handmade gemstone jewelry made with exquisite purity and magnificence. Let us know the properties of these gemstones, which create awe-inspiring moonstone jewelry with handmade techniques.


The gemstone with the ultimate sheen, capturing every eye, is the Moonstone. It comes in various hues like pink, blue, yellow, white, rainbow, and many other colors, whereas blue is the most preferred stone. These Moonstone jewelry crystals are embedded into sterling silver, creating exquisite moonstone jewelry pieces. They come from Bihar in India, as no other place produces these high-quality moonstone crystals. Therefore, using the raw moonstone crystals could be the ideal way of getting the advantages for these stones.

Moonstone jewelry belongs to the feldspar family. It is believed that these crystals are the moonbeam that allows the wearer to shine like a star in their life. While crafting this gemstone with their hands, artists are careful as these stone rates between 5 to 6 on the Mohs scale hardness.


The blue Caribbean gemstone, Larimar, is a soothing stone with white inclusion on the surface. Also known as the dolphin stone because of the calming energies, it has transformed the lives of the people. The gemstone ranges from around 4.5 to 5 on the Mohs scale hardness and is the variety of blue pectolite mineral family. The stone has got the traces of copper inside it, resulting in the formation of a blue color. The history of the stone tells that it has taken the energies from the volcanic fire and water as well. Wearing the Larimar jewelry can help the wearer to feel the sophisticated and vintage vibe. In addition, it is the best stone for daily purposes, helping solve everyday problems.

gemstone jewelry


Choosing this unique and incredible gemstone for jewelry purposes would be a great idea. The greenish-brown color of this stone makes it attractive to every eye. The stone belongs to the tektite group as it is 14.8 million old stone formed through the impact of the meteorite activity. People cherished wearing this stone due to the healing benefits it gave. Holding the moldavite jewelry for the first time will create a sensation in the hands and in the whole body. The warmth of this stone has the power of the moon, helping people in business ventures, settling their love life, and meditating.


The Opal stone is loved for its shimmer and healing energies. They display the play of colors that attract the viewer and make them excited to buy these gemstones. As opal crystals are made with silica and consist of some amount of water, it makes them fragile. The stones are cut and set into metal like rose, gold, or yellow gold. Beautiful designer pieces are created as opal jewelry is the most-picked jewelry. Moreover, wearing opals enhances the person’s creativity skills and brings calmness to the wearer’s life.


The gemstone worn to bring good fortune, success, and prosperity is the famous Turquoise stone. The bluish-green stone with the matrix on the surface intensifies its magical appearance. It is believed that this crystal will always protect the wearer from every challenging situation of life by being their guard. Furthermore, it will bring an abundance of wealth into the wearer’s life by being their good luck. Turquoise jewelry is worn in the form of a ring, bracelet, pendant, earrings, necklace, cuff bracelet, and many more. It even eases the person’s open communication ability and helps them speak from their heart. In addition, this stone is excellent for dealing with health-related problems.

Libyan Desert Glass

The stone which came from the Sahara deserts is the Libyan Desert Glass jewelry. It is a yellowish-brown color stone with many benefits. It has the capability of bringing positive energy, swiping away the negativity from life. Worn in the form of a ring is the most beautiful ornament in the shades of yellow color, glorifying the grace of the finger.

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