The Best Desktop Computers

Desktop Computers
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A quiet computing revolution has been underfoot since the early 2000s, with laptops slowly dominating their older desktop companions in terms of users and general market share. The portability of laptops makes them a perfect fit for the modern world. However, plenty of people still long for the considerably better computing power you can enjoy with a full-spec desktop computer. 

Here at, we’ve explored the ten best laptops under $700 before, but we didn’t want to leave out desktop computers. Plenty of modern professionals need the extra processing power you can enjoy from these devices, especially those in creative industries like music producers, video editors, or graphic design whizzes. Elsewhere, gamers increasingly turn to high-power desktop computers to enhance their experience with better graphics and faster response times. Keep reading for the best desktop computers.  

Desktop Computers vs. Laptops 

The first question to address here is the debate between desktop computers and laptops. Nowadays, it’s entirely plausible that people would never have owned a desktop computer, as laptops are far more popular and widely used. Although they offer substantially better portability, there are still things that desktops are undeniably better for. 

For casual computer users just looking to browse the web and stream programs, a laptop is probably the best bet. On the other hand, creatives or avid gamers looking for more computing power may prefer a desktop computer. Moreover, home office workers may also find it nicer working from a desktop computer with a bigger screen and more solid foundation. 

Desktop Computers & Gaming 

Over the last couple of decades, desktop computers have become increasingly popular among gamers because of their sheer power and incredible graphic capabilities. Sure, you can buy a popular alternative like the Playstation 5 or Xbox Series X for cheaper. Still, even these next-gen consoles can’t match desktops like the Corsair Vengeance i7200 which also have exciting customization possibilities. 

Desktop users can play modern titles like Elden Ring or Red Dead Redemption 2 and experience the whole package in a way console gamers still struggle too. There is also a colorful array of online casino games best played on desktops with fantastic graphic capabilities. For example, playing legendary titles like NetEnt’s Starburst is a different experience entirely with the crisp HD graphics offered by these computers. Sites like are the best places to go for gambling guides and casino reviews, ensuring you play the best games possible. Aside from casino games and fully-fledged videogames, desktop computers also enhance simpler free online games like Runescape or Minecraft. 

A Pick of the Best Desktop Computers in 2022 

There is a wide range of desktop computers for consumers to get their hands on in 2022, but not all are as good as each other. You can find our pick of the best desktop computers in 2022 below: 

  • Velocity Micro Raptor Z55: An expensive but incredibly powerful professional desktop computer, the Velocity Micro Raptor Z55 has outrageous processing power due to its Intel Core i9-12900K computer chip. It’s a fantastic choice for people looking for unrivaled speed and productivity, although gamers may dislike the lack of further customizability. 
  • Dell Precision 7920 Tower: One of the cheapest options for high-end desktops, Dell’s Precision 7920 Tower base model packs a punch, but the real USP is its boundless approach to add-ons. Just watch out because a $1,000-$2,000 computer can quickly turn into a six-figure behemoth. 
  • Apple Mac Studio: Apple’s Mac Studio is firmly geared toward music production, with the brand-new M1 chip supplying an extraordinary amount of processing power for its size (only 10cm tall!). The Mac Studio also has fantastic functionality, with up to 5 displays able to be used simultaneously. 

What Does The Future Hold For Desktop Computers? 

Despite the recent resurgence of desktop computers, most experts expect them to grow increasingly less used as time goes on. Fascinating technology like quantum computing resulting in far smaller computer chips isn’t far off the horizon, ensuring laptops become evermore compact while also increasing processing capabilities.

Moreover, over the last few years, remote working has proven itself to be the future, thereby further reducing our reliance on desktop computers. explores this topic quite well, providing a comprehensive look at what happens next regarding desktop computers. 

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