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Baby Gadgets

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Parents start facing distinct challenges upon arriving home from the hospital with their bundle of joy. Modern times and the advancements in technology have brought us all kinds of innovations in every aspect of our lives. The aspect that has reaped quite a few benefits for contemporary parents is definitely the aspect of parenting. Even though a baby requires only a few things essentially, there are some gadgets that can make the life of parents so much easier. There is a lot going on and many things to get used to when speaking about new parents. Hence, it feels good to have some technological help that can make things easier and everybody happier. 

If you’re expecting a baby, or you’ve given birth recently, and you want to learn more about baby gadgets to make your life easier, keep reading. We’re going to give a few smart suggestions for modern parents. The suggestions include a smart changing pad, a baby monitor and a weighted swaddle. Moreover, we’re also going to mention something only for moms: a hands-free wearable breast pump. 

1. Smart changing pad

Babies don’t really like being changed. However, that’s something you must do. A few times a day. They show their discontent by wiggling, screaming or crying, so this experience becomes tedious for both of you. Luckily for us, somebody saw this problem and invented something to make this experience easier for both sides. So, nowadays, you can buy a changing pad that has entertainment built-in. This is a great way to distract the baby when being changed. It usually features some toys, rattles, or even sounds. There are also smart versions of changing pads, which you can connect to your phone and track different things about your baby. Additionally, there is no need for a pad cover as you can easily wipe it down. 

2. Smart baby monitor

When it comes to baby monitors, there are a few plausible options people love. There are many excellent reviews online for a wearable sock baby monitor. It is basically a sock you slip on your baby’s foot and connect to an app. You can monitor your baby’s heart rate as well as oxygenation levels. This wearable piece of tech has put many parents’ minds at ease, knowing that the app will alert them if something is off the track. It enables both the baby to sleep well as well as parents. 

You can place another popular baby monitor alternative above the crib to watch over your baby via an app. It is quite handy as you can keep track of your baby’s sleeping habits and room temperature. Furthermore, you can still hear the baby sounds even if you’re using another app on your phone. And the camera is portable, so you can place it wherever you need it. Another advantage is that you can even play some soothing sounds to your baby; it can be some white noise, light music, soothing sounds or even poems, for older babies. 

3. Smart weighted swaddle

A weighted swaddle is a great way to ensure that your baby is all safe and secure while sleeping. Its gentle pressure stimulates comfort, allowing your baby to fall asleep faster and sleep longer. It is definitely a better option than a blanket, as the baby can easily wrap itself in it or in baby clothes. This is dangerous, as it can cause suffocation. So, the swaddle is what all parents definitely need! Many parents have written positive reviews online explaining that their baby sleeps a full night in a swaddle. Additionally, there is also a smart version of the swaddle, which tracks your baby’s sleep habits, weight and other information. 

4. Hands-free wearable breast pump

Besides the gadgets directly intended for babies, there are also some gadgets created for moms. We all know that moms take most of the care of the baby, especially in the first few months. And breastfeeding, as well as pumping, can be tedious for moms. So, besides getting a comfy feeding pillow, you can also get a hands-free wearable breast pump. Moms who have used it say that it is super comfy, easy to clean and silent.

These smart life-changing gadgets are only some in a myriad of useful techie innovations for babies and parents. If you want to make your life as a parent easier, do your research online and find out about some cool things to have. 

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