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Explainer videos are everywhere nowadays. From social media to youtube and digital streaming platforms, we see business explainers regularly. But have you ever wondered why they are growing so popular with every passing day? And why even the smaller businesses are looking to collaborate with the top explainer video company, without thinking of expenditures? We will try to find the answer to these questions and more, in this blog. 

But, before we dig in deeper into the benefits of business explainers, it is important to understand what explainer videos actually mean, and what makes them different from the other types of business videos. So, let’s begin!

What Explainer Videos Actually Mean?

From the word explainer, we get a notion that probably the video will try to explain something. But then you might ask, explainers are quite short and crisp, aren’t they? Then how can they explain something?

Actually, explainer videos are meant to answer the questions of the audiences. In terms of business, we can say that it can clarify the doubts of your consumers. And for this purpose, the script of the explainers is made after a lot of research. The script writers try to understand the consumer’s needs, and try to evaluate the questions that the consumers might ask. An efficient explainer is a perfect blend of all these points. 

There is no particular duration of explainer videos. It can be short as well as long too. But, the businesses try to keep the explainers short, so that the audience do not skip it. A short and crisp video seems more appealing to the consumers. 

But, you might ask, all these things can be put into a normal animated video as well. Then what is the difference between a normal animated video and an explainer video. Let’s try to find out the answer. 

Explainer Videos Normal Animated Videos
Concentrate on the most important points only.Concentrate on both important and generic points.
Explainer Videos present the points in a very precise and straight-forward manner. May include stories to describe the points in detail. 
The video always revolves around questions asked by consumers.The video may or may not revolve around questions asked by consumers. 
Is a bit shorter in length with crisp content.Maybe both short and long. The longer videos usually contain illustrative content.
Usually suitable to be used as ads and sales videos. Suitable for long-format advertisements only. 

Top 5 Benefits of Using Explainer Videos for Business

Now, it’s time to look at the main question. Why do businesses prefer using explainer videos more than any other media content? Well, the reason lies in its multiple benefits for businesses. Let’s take a look at their top 5 benefits below.

#1. Increases Business Conversion

Every business promotes their products and services, but every product does not see conversion. Have you ever wondered why? Because, the promotions fail to leave a deeper impact in the consumer’s mind. And due to this reason, the consumer keeps looking for other products, without deciding on your products. They take a very long time for decision making and ultimately decide against your products. 

This situation can be avoided using explainer videos. Statistics say that 80% of the consumers make quicker decisions in favor of the product if they like the explainer videos. As a result, around 48% of the businesses have reported higher conversion after using explainer videos.               

#2. Gives Better Return on Investment

Explainer videos can be released on any platform, from websites to social media and streaming platforms. That is why, the businesses do not need to develop different types of videos for different platforms. It reduces their expenses. Also, the sales grow simultaneously. 

Because of these reasons, the experts believe, explainer videos have the best ROI of all forms of video-based marketing methods.                    

#3. Best Suited for Spreading Brand Awareness

What is the purpose of a brand? It needs to solve some sort of consumer’s problems, right? Then, it does not take rocket science to understand that the best brand awareness campaigns must revolve around this problem statement. And the explainer videos are the most effective mediums to do that. 

As explainer videos usually revolve around questions, brands can efficiently use them to present their problem statement in front of their consumers. And then, they just need to deliver the most impactful solution to the problem. That’s it! You will successfully establish your brand!      

#4. Suitable for all types of Screens

Whether it’s television, PC, tablets, or mobile phone, explainer videos find their place everywhere. And it gives massive advantage to the business houses, as they don’t need to juggle between the different types of videos. They just need to focus on one video and make it most effective.              

#5. Helps in SEO

Stats say that over 50% of the websites receive higher ranks in google, if they use explainer videos on their landing pages. But, this trick needs efficient execution as well. Sometimes, the videos may slow down the loading speed of your website. So, you need to embed the video in a manner that does not affect the loading speed. If you succeed in doing so, then your site is awaiting a 50% higher search engine rank in a few days! 


Explainer video is one of its kind. It suits best elearning platforms and every business purpose. From better business conversion, higher ROI, to better SEO rankings, a good explainer video can help you tick all the boxes. But, developing such an effective explainer requires a lot of brainstorming. That is why companies even take help from the top explainer video company from Acadecraft in developing them. Because they know, a good explainer video will take them miles ahead! 


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