5 Benefits of No-Code To Help Build Your Next Startup

Benefits of No-Code
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The technology realm is presently dominated by innovations such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and machine learning. These concepts are integral in putting up a progressive and future-proof business for many. However, employing these concepts is not as easy as we can imagine. One has to be completely adept at coding and programming to create software or an application. To keep pace with digital transformation, people and businesses constantly look for ways to make such innovations more accessible and less complicated. From there, benefits of no-code development was introduced.

The basics of no-code

No-code, as its name suggests, is a software development approach without coding. Both developers and non-developers can already create software or add functionality to their existing applications without a single line of code in a trice.

The approach allows anyone to establish websites, business flows, and applications by simply dragging and dropping pre-configured blocks. No-code uses a visual development interface for non-technical users’ ease of usage.

No-code development is already revolutionizing the tech space. Per Forrester Research, the no-code movement will be worth $21.2 billion by 2022. Likewise, for startups today, no-code presents game-changing opportunities. So, what are those opportunities?

Why should startups harness no-code?

1. Fast and simplified deployment

Creating applications from scratch is more complex especially with the need to write codes, build CI/CD pipelines, and set up infrastructure. These undertakings can slow your startup down and hamper its potential success.

Most established businesses can push for a longer timeline for the development of their applications, so most of them go through the programming process to develop their applications. Meanwhile, for startups aiming to stay relevant, rapid deployment is crucial. This is why no-code is advantageous.

No-code allows startups to get their applications 10 times faster. It enables an expedited and seamless application production and rollout, helping your startup save more time and effort. This is because most no-code platforms automate everything from building to testing phase. In addition, no-code platforms provide developers with good environments to create, test, and deploy their applications so they won’t have to worry about inconsistencies and configuration drift.

2. Augmented agility

After the deployment of your application, acquiring more customers, strengthening brand equity, and improving your business are also important endeavors to pursue. You can make these goals work two times better with no-code. No-code aids startups in responding to prompt business needs swiftly. Its tools allow developers to experiment with rapid prototyping and craft a solution to a problem quickly.

As you also want to fix bugs and add new features to your application, it has to be updated sporadically. However, this process is taxing if done traditionally. But with no-code, startups can easily make changes to their applications even while it is running.

Nowadays, being agile is no longer a choice. It is a must for startups to be on the users’ radar. Being able to respond with agility to your business’ and customers’ demands is instrumental to success.

3. Handiness for non-developers

Are you unfamiliar with coding? Worry no more! No-code allows anyone to develop software or a program. This is also easy to use (yes, even high school kids can use them too!) People do not have to study its technicalities, sit through long knowledge-building seminars, or watch video tutorials to actualize the application they envision. They can simply point and click to employ features.

Traditionally, creating software or an application requires a developer or a technical team who is proficient in programming codes. With no-code, startups who are not familiar with CSS, HTML, or JavaScript can develop applications by utilizing the plug-and-play model of no-code platforms.

4. Operational cost reduction

Coding projects and hiring skilled IT experts or developers for your project entail higher costs. While they are also integral, cost-effective approaches such as no-code are more ideal for startups. With no code, you no longer need to hire an IT professional or do coding. This means you can focus more on financing other crucial business needs like expansion, maintenance, and marketing.

No-code projects also require less legacy maintenance. There is no need to maintain legacy code as there are already no-code business intelligence platforms that allow you to efficiently create custom software without coding. These can also work concurrently with existing legacy systems. With no-code, your IT experts can keep what works well and replace what does not. This allows your startup to bring down maintenance costs.

5. Proven security

No-code is efficient, but is it safe? Of course!

It is apparent that many applications created through traditional methods have security vulnerabilities. We hear numerous reports of hacking and high-profile data breaches around big businesses. And now that the interconnectedness of technology poses threats to safety and security, expert-grade no-code platforms guarantee beefed up data security and privacy for those who want to build their software or applications. How? First, activities around no-code platforms can be done under your central IT’s superintendence.

Second, no-code platforms also have security and compliance features that are built into them. In addition, they adhere to the International Organization for Standardization’s regulations on information security and management. 

Lastly, no code helps minimize bugs and other technical issues through tried-and-tested reusable blocks unlike manual coding, where errors can happen.

Final words

Your startup can take advantage of no-code development to ensure that your startup will operate most efficiently while cutting costs. This way, you can focus more on what truly matters—strengthening your competitive edge in the market. With no-code, you have the best springboard to success.

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