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Barcode Software

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Barcode software generates barcodes that may be printed on any product and read. Scanning and analyzing the data stored in these barcodes is possible with integrated scanners. When things are sold or shipped from one location to another, barcodes are frequently scanned. In this blog, you will get to know the best barcode software that small businesses can use. 

1. Bar Tender 

The software allows you to use a what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) template designer. Through this feature, you may personalize your barcodes from top to bottom. To design a completely branded barcode, you may add text effects (such as color gradients and shadowing), select from hundreds of typefaces, and change the colors.

You can also use intelligent templates with BarTender, which means you can use a single template for thousands of items, even if they all require different barcodes. The platform has the ability to implement automation rules and do conditional printing within your templates. 

Serial number tracking is included in BarTender (so each barcode is unique). Additionally, the software includes print optimization techniques such as graphic caching to help your barcode printer complete your print jobs more quickly.

Barcode Software

2. Label Flow

The platform can pull inventory data from any current database, which is Label Flow’s major selling point. This allows the program to seamlessly interface with your inventory management system and generate barcodes with all of your product data, regardless of which inventory platform you use.

You can also take advantage of certain unique benefits by integrating Label Flow with your inventory management system. Label Flow also goes above and beyond standard barcode scanning software. From shipping labels to product tags, the platform can assist you in creating a range of barcodes. 

You may also make 2D barcodes, such as QR codes. Label Flow also supports advanced barcoding technologies such as radiofrequency identification (RFID), allowing you to create RFID tags for your items.

3. Wasp InventoryCloud 

Wasp InventoryCloud is a comprehensive inventory management solution that includes barcode software, allowing you to obtain everything in one location.

You may manage an unlimited number of products and transactions across one or more warehouses with Wasp InventoryCloud (depending on your plan). When you need to manually check your inventory levels, you can set reorder points, monitor expiration dates, and speed up cycle counts.

Wasp InventoryCloud can also be acquired as part of a Wasp hardware kit. You can obtain everything you need to set up a barcode system for a single price this way.

4. HandiFox

HandiFox is complete inventory management and sales management software that starts at just $39 per month. HandiFox is a cloud-based application that is optimized for use on mobile devices. This allows you more freedom to create buy orders, manage your supply chain, fulfil orders, and make sales, even if you’re at a sales conference or in your warehouse.

 HandiFox also has a serial number tracking feature, as well as a barcode inventory system that can be used to make a correct pick and pack lists, invoices, and other documents. QuickBooks connectivity was a priority when HandiFox was created. Scanning the products as they arrive in the warehouse, or selling to your consumers makes it simple to track expenses and revenue.

Barcode Software

5. Finale Inventory 

Another inventory management system that supports barcodes is Finale Inventory. Serial number tracking, label printing, and barcode scanning are all available on the platform. Finale supports enterprises with many warehouses by providing cloud-based inventory tracking across different locations. 

It also supports multichannel ecommerce, allowing you to manage your inventory throughout your whole organization, even if you sell on multiple channels. Your inventory levels may be synced across all of your sales channels, guaranteeing that your store displays an exact inventory count.

When creating and printing barcodes, Finale Inventory employs a specific label template. This ensures that the data in your inventory management system is accurate for each item.

6. Acctivate Inventory Software 

Acctivate Inventory Software is a QuickBooks-based operational hub for small and mid-sized distributors, online retailers, and manufacturers. With capabilities that enable full business management, such as real-time inventory visibility, purchasing, order fulfilment, multi-channel sales, and more, the sophisticated system supports collaboration across the whole firm.

Acctivate addresses any business and industry-specific difficulty by replacing manual, error-prone approaches such as spreadsheets. Intelligent functionality for loT and serial number traceability, landed cost, and more enhance productivity and streamline operations. SMBs wishing to increase operational capabilities without settling for a pricey, overserving mid-market ERP programme can choose Acctivate, an ERP solution that works with QuickBooks.

Barcode Software

7. Fishbowl Inventory 

Fishbowl is a manufacturing and warehousing management system for small and medium-sized organizations. Inventory management, work order administration, manufacturer orders, material requirements planning (MRP), job shop floor control, bills of materials, barcoding, and much more are among the key features. The application can be installed on-premises or in the cloud. 

Among the many inventory management options available in Fishbowl are:

  • Barcode printing and scanning 
  • Tracking items in multiple locations 
  • Automatic reorder points 
  • Multi-currency conversions

The list goes on. Fishbowl’s basic manufacturing and warehouse management software is integrated with a number of different business solutions. Among them are: 

  • Fishbowl Checkout — a point-of-sale system 
  • CRM integration app Fishbowl for Salesforce 
  • Fishbowl Go- a warehouse and barcode app.

This list is countless as well. 

8. Asset Panda

This is a cloud-based platform specifically designed for facility managers that includes asset tracking and maintenance management, among its features. It works on Windows, Mac, iPad, and iPhone and can be accessed from anywhere while updating data in real time.

Users can assign contacts by location and track depreciation with Asset Panda. A barcode scanner can be used to look up asset information and automate pick lists. Role-based security guarantees that employees have the right level of access to the information. Customized exporting and reporting are available using Asset Panda.

Auditing, compliance, facilities management, equipment support ticketing, and purchase order administration are all made easier with Asset Panda.

9. ShippingEasy Software 

Small to midsize e-commerce enterprises will benefit from ShippingEasy, a cloud-based shipping and inventory management solution. Order administration, rate comparison, label customization, integration with numerous seller channels, and returns management are some of the most important aspects.

FedEx and UPS accounts, and a variety of marketplaces, shopping carts, and e-commerce platforms, can all be integrated with ShippingEasy. Orders are downloaded from all selling channels, and custom shipping preferences, delivery options and pricing are automatically mapped.

Users may personalize shipping labels and packing slips to match their branding with ShippingEasy. Labels and slips can then be printed in batches or one at a time.

10. EZOfficeInventory

As per the website, you can easily write POs, schedule services, and manage vendors with industry-leading asset lifecycle management software. Custom reports and simple depreciation management let you make well-informed business decisions. You can use the mobile app to scan RFID, barcodes, and QR codes and acquire regulatory compliance. 

This is a must-have for fixed asset management because of its location and maintenance history. Zendesk is also linked with the platform.

Barcode Software

11. RFgen

RFgen Software provides businesses with configurable mobile barcoding systems that help them improve inventory and warehouse productivity while lowering costs. Your mobile workforce has real-time and on-demand access to enterprise data, allowing you to move important warehouse and supply chain activities. 

RFgen’s software suites make it simple to link barcode scanners, mobile computers, RFID, tablets and more to Windows, Android, and Apple iOS devices. With this system, one can extend the back-office ERP system like Oracle’s JD Edwards, Oracle E-Business Suite, etc. 

These are some of the barcode software that small businesses can take advantage of. Meanwhile, if you need accounting assignment help, hire professional experts. And if you struggle with academic essay structure, check out some solved papers. 

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