How to Safely Backup iCloud to External Hard Drive on Mac

backup iCloud to external hard drive

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iCloud is a choice of millions of users and is used widely to exchange important data in simple steps. However, today various users are asking, Can I backup iCloud Mail on Mac? Backing it up is a smart move in today’s era. It will help the users to prevent the data from any unauthorized attacks and store it securely.

Today in this write up we will share two proven ways to backup iCloud to external hard drive. There is a manual and an advanced iCloud Backup Tool for Mac to execute this backup process efficiently. Before going with the solution part, let us first go through some major reasons for this backup process.

Reasons to Backup Apple Mail to External Hard Drive?

The following are the most common reasons that generate the need to save iCloud emails to the external hard drive.

  • It will help the users retain the information in the future.
  • The data becomes easily accessible within a few minutes.
  • You can access this data even in the case of an inactive internet connection.
  • Losing the client’s important information can lead to case suits.

Now, in the upcoming section, we will talk about effective solutions to backup iCloud email to a hard drive. 

How to Save Everything from iCloud to My Mac?

There are two solutions to save iCloud emails to the hard drive, manual and automated. Firstly we will go through the manual and then the professional solution easily implements this conversion process.

Manual Solution to Backup iCloud to External Hard Drive

By following the given manual steps you can perform this conversion process without any external help.

  1. Go to Mail and select the Preferences option.
  2. Now, hit on the Accounts to proceed further.
  3. Click on the iCloud option from the appeared list.
  4. From the Account Information tab, see the option Download Attachments to All.
  5. In the Mailbox Behaviors tab, select a mailbox stated under On My Mac.
  6. Finally, all the Mail behavior will get downloaded on your system in the form of messages.

Do not hurry in selecting the best solution to backup iCloud to Mac hard drive. Observe some major limitations of the manual solution that are associated with it.

Limitations of the Manual Solution

  • It requires a lot of technical guidance to implement this solution.
  • You cannot implement this solution in bulk.
  • The above manual process is quite lengthy to perform.
  • It can be a hectic process for users with a non-technical background.

The best way to eliminate these limitations is to go with the advanced solution which is listed in the further section.

Automated Solution to Save Mac Mail Emails to Hard Drive

MacSonik iCloud Backup Tool is the top-notch solution to backup iCloud to external hard drive very quickly. You can convert iCloud file to PDF and store them as a backup on your computer. This utility is developed with advanced functionalities which make the entire backup process easier and faster. It also allows you to remove duplicate files from the backup process. To know the working process of this application, follow the given steps.

Steps to Backup Apple Mail to External Hard Drive

  1. Open and Launch the iCloud Backup Tool on your mac operating system.
  2. Log in to your iCloud account with the required ID and Password and hit Sign In.
  3. Tick the required mailbox items from the tree-structured list and click Next.
  4. Choose the required format in which you want to save these emails.
  5. Apply the other additional features of the tool.
  6. Lastly, click the Convert button to backup iCloud email to a hard drive.

Final Words

The best way to backup iCloud to external hard drive on a mac PC is to go with the professional iCloud backup tool. However, you can manually download your iCloud data to a Mac drive but it has some limitations. Instead, a professional iCloud backup tool delivers quick backup results with high data accuracy and privacy.

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