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It’s no secret that Instagram is the new Facebook, and with so many people using it, you need to do whatever you can to grow your following. I have tried every product out on the market for this purpose. Unfortunately, none of them worked as well as Ascend Viral does for getting new followers. The Instagram growth service team at Ascend Viral helped improve my account and posting strategy to increase the number of real Instagram followers I have dramatically. Ascend Viral has enabled me to gain thousands of new, highly targeted Instagram followers in a matter of weeks with their easy-to-use platform!

How Ascend Viral Gets You More Instagram Followers

The number one thing that immediately set Ascend Viral apart from other ways to gain real Instagram followers is their growth assistant and customer service.

The growth assistants are honestly so helpful and friendly. They helped me gain more Instagram followers organically by looking at my Instagram account and helping me grow it in the best way possible through Instagram posts and Instagram content.

They customized a plan for my specific needs, which included boosting Instagram engagement with other accounts related to mine (something I was not doing previously) to get more followers. This tactic is one of the most important things you can do for your Instagram account to get more followers and appear in the Instagram feed, and Ascend Viral helped me implement this method in a way that worked best.

It didn’t take long to see results, and now I have more followers than ever before. Ascend Viral is the best choice to get more Instagram followers because they care about your success and help you make better Instagram posts!

Personalized Instagram Account Advice on Growing With Instagram Posts

The growth assistants also sent helpful emails about how I can continue to grow my audience organically (for free) by changing my posting strategy or creating new types of content that attracts Instagram flowers. In addition, they helped me identify what would appeal better to the kind of followings I want to attract when getting more followers.

Once they helped me get more Instagram followers, they continued to check in with me and help me get more Instagram followers by sending helpful emails with tips on how to grow even more through Instagram content!

The growth assistant team cares about your success (unlike other companies) and will continue to provide you with valuable information that is helping you to attract more Instagram followers and boost your Instagram engagement.

I’m now gaining more Instagram accounts following me each month and more Instagram engagement to my Instagram profile because of Ascend Viral. I’m just an ordinary person who isn’t great at marketing or posting on social media like Instagram accounts. Working with the growth assistants from Ascend Viral and having them tell me what’s working best with my Instagram audience has been such a massive help for my Instagram presence!

I would recommend Ascend Viral if you are looking to gain more real Instagram followers. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a personal brand or a business; they will help you grow your following in the best way possible and create great Instagram content.

It’s quick and easy to set up, and the growth assistants are there for you and your Instagram profile every step of the way!

Everyone is so welcoming and friendly, and I could tell the growth assistants were genuinely happy to be talking to me and helping with my Instagram account get new followers!

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