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AOEMI FoneTool Pro Giveaway-To Get the Best iPhone 14 Swither Gift

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The time for the iPhone 14 to go on sale is getting closer.In order to help users handle data in old and new iPhone more conveniently, AOMEI decided to use their product: FoneTool (former name: AOMEI Mbackupper) to hold a giveaway activity. 

FoneTool is newly upgraded to AOMEI FoneTool. Under the leadership of our professional team, the function and interface has been greatly improved, and now FoneTool is the best iPhone 14 switcher you can’t miss. With this software you can quickly transfer data and backup iphone from your old phone to your new iPhone. In addition, you can also use the feature of “Erase iPhone” to erase your old iPhone all data above to sell the old iPhone. All in all, if you plan to get a new phone this time, then AOMEI Fone ool will solve your problem all the troubles you will encounter. 

In this giveaway, you will get:

1. Get a free license of FoneTool Pro software worth $49.95

2. Enjoy the newly upgraded interface and functions

3. Migrate entire old iPhone to new iPhone14 

4. Backup and restore iPhone 14 easily to prevent data loss

5. Erase old iPhone data permanently

Steps to obtain a license:

  • Click there for giveaway entrance:

  • Click to get it now
  • Download the zip file containing the installer and license key
  • Install and activate with the included key (Activate it before 9.22)
  • If you’re looking to get a new iPhone recently, don’t miss this opportunity!!!

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