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Content Camel

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Content Camel: The sales industry is changing and getting challenging by the day. It means that salespeople have to keep up with changes, which is harder than it seems. Sales teams have to focus on plenty of things such as creating content for each customer and prospect, customer engagement, reaching quotas, and much more. 

Moreover, buying habits have also evolved and are becoming more aggressive. That is why sales reps have to do their best to make a successful sale. To help the sales reps perform optimally, you must provide them with the best resources and tools. Sales enablement software is one of the best sales tools for empowering sales teams. 

Well, the market is filled with different sales enablement platforms, making it a challenging task to choose the best one. Don’t worry, we are here to help you make the right decision. Content Camel is among the leading software perfect for improving performance and productivity. 

What makes this software so special, you might be asking? Here is a comprehensive review of Content Camel. 

About Content Camel

Content Camel is a great sales enablement tool developed to help sales reps perform optimally. We know the hurdles and difficulties sales reps have to go through for making a sale. Tons of folders with plenty of content and not knowing what the content is about will drive anyone crazy. Finding the required content at the right time takes a lot of time. 

That is where sales enablement software comes in handy. It will help organize and manage content in one place. The software is perfect for motivating, equipping, and training sales reps to perform well. The main purpose of the sales tool is to make sales reps more productive when closing a deal. 

Things We Liked 

Content Camel is a sales tool offering some extremely valuable features. Here is a list of all the features we liked the best. 

Content Management

The best thing about this sales tool is content management. It enables the sales reps to organize and manage all the content in one place. It will change the way you get things done. Say goodbye to tons of folders. You will not have to keep content in different folders anymore. With the help of this tool, you can sort information according to funnel stages, content type, age, and tags. It will make sure your marketing and sales teams work together efficiently. 

Not only this, but you will be able to organize all the content for sales success. Whether it is content or product marketing, you can align them without any hassle. The sales reps can have easy access to datasheets, posts, videos, white papers, eBooks, and other information. 


Another great feature of Content Camel that we liked is the sales analytics. For helping sales reps close a deal successfully, you must know how the content is performing. Whether it is working wonders or falling flat. That is where sales analytics comes in handy. It provides real-time metrics and insights into customer engagement, helping improve the performance of your sales reps. 

Also, it will enable you to track content and determine which is working and which is not. In this way, marketing teams can create content that helps close more deals. You can easily import and export reports and create views. Thanks to this feature, the marketing team will know which content requires refreshing. 

Sales Enablement

Infographic credit : TigerLRM: Sales Enablement Company

Sales Stack Integration 

Content Camel is a web-based software that you cannot download directly on your device. Fortunately, it comes with a chrome extension, allowing you to use it on any device. Also, you will not have to switch between platforms to have access to information. The software works smoothly and seamlessly with other platforms like Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce, SalesLoft, and Pipedrive. 

Drive Integration 

We liked its Google drive integration. Firstly, it will allow sales reps to organize and manage content both online and offline. Secondly, sales reps can import content from Drive, Dropbox, the local folders, and the web from anywhere and at any time. The sales reps can even upload the content without any difficulty.   

Things We Didn’t Like

Though the software is excellent for sales and marketing teams offering a wide range of features, there are some things that we think could be improved. 

Lacks Some Features

One of the things we didn’t like was that it lacked some useful features such as meeting management, content management, tracking content, and more. It is no surprise that sales reps spend more of their time scheduling meetings and contacting customers than selling. With the help of this feature, the sales reps can easily schedule meetings with customers and prospects and focus on selling. 

Also, if the software had capabilities of tracking content usage, it would enable them to know who has used the content and how it is used. It can prove to be a useful feature to know which content works well. 


Despite being easy to use and set up, every sales rep needs to be trained to properly use the software. The webinars, online live sessions, and documents will not help properly train the reps. In-person training is necessary if you wish to have a skilled and best-performing team. 

Final Verdict 

Content Camel is one of the best sales enablement tools you can find on the market. The software is designed to help all businesses, from large to small-sized. Before you can subscribe to it, you can use the free trial to determine whether it is the right fit or not. Not only this, but it will cost you an arm and a leg. That is because you can subscribe to it as lows as $15 per month and $162 per year. 

By implementing Content Camel, you will increase productivity as the sales reps will be able to close deals quickly. Sales reps will not have to spend hundreds of hours looking for the information. So, empower your sales and marketing teams today and take your organization to new heights.

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