7 Living Wall Ideas to Try at Home

Living Wall Ideas

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Do you want to give your home a makeover? If yes, then consider adding a living wall ideas into your home decor. It is an inspired and beautiful way of bringing freshness and nature into your home.

Nowadays, people are spending a lot of time in their homes. So, it makes sense that more people are considering taking gardening as a hobby. But sometimes, you do not have much space for planting in your small apartments. 

Try your hand at living wall gardens as it is becoming more and more popular for city apartments. They require little maintenance, but they can liven up space at your home. Here are some creative living wall ideas to try at home:

Faux is In 


Some of you may not be satisfied with the low-maintenance plants. Maybe you want no maintenance plants in your home. So you can consider Faux living wall art or large wall art with natural prints for your home décor.

This faux artwork can look beautiful and maintain a natural look in your home interiors. You do not need actual plants, but you can make an eye-catching element for your interiors. 

Hanging Plant Macrame


If you are looking for anything far more elaborate than the living wall concept, use macrame cords to hang your planter pots. It makes a simply stunning wall décor element at your home.

It is definitely one of the most elegant living wall ideas that can steal the show with ease. Of course, the macrame should be in different colors, and it simply gives a hypnotic look. But you can select the plants of your choice.

When you introduce a bit of green somewhere in your home, it will add color and freshness to your décor. 

Vertical Succulent Garden

This particular living wall style uses old vintage frames to create a succulent hanging garden. Of course, the succulents in it make an ecstatic living wall universe that is hard to ignore.

Chicken wire holds the succulents while Oakwood supports the back of the frame. You can easily find old frames at your home. Add some excellent addition of succulents, and you are all set to display a living wall.

Wall-Mounted Planters


Everyone loves eclectic living walls in their home. It features different wall-mounted planters. It is effortless and an excellent way to bring a living wall into any room of your home whenever you want.

It looks aesthetically outstanding and a unique element in your home décor. It brings freshness and a pop of green color to your interiors.

Floating Wooden Shelves

Turn walls into a living wall by featuring stylish wooden wall-mounted shelves that can hold the plants. They offer a neutral holding place for green and vibrant plants to flourish.


These tiny and unique planters can add character and fun elements to the walls. Ensure that the plants you hang do not need much water so that your floor and walls remain clean.

It is a beautiful way to create the living walls and add freshness and greenery to the home. Moreover, it is affordable, and you can easily install them.

Hang Baskets

Do you want to create an attractive living wall without doing much hard work? If yes, pick wire baskets and hang them on the wall. Show off various plants on those baskets.

You can use nearly any type of basket, and with a few wall hooks, hang them on the wall. This idea is best for those who do not want to spend much time updating their wall.

A single wall-mounted living wall requires patience, and some people do not have much patience and time. So this type of display with individually potted plants is effortless and suitable for someone with limited time.

Final Words

When you are tight with surface area, vertical space offers a great chance to introduce freshness to your home. Living wall is an easy solution, covering surfaces with flowers and plants to disguise off sheds, fences, or even the bins. 

It is crucial to consider the types of plants you use and their resistance to the available light. Make sure that the plants are desirable indoors.

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