How to Have Fun at Home with the Family

Fun at Home

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The 7th art to the rescue! Fun at Home

Fun at Home, A family movie night is ideal in times of confinement for family fun. There are so many films available on the different platforms that you will surely find a work that will make everyone happy.

Do the tastes differ within the group? Make movie night a weekly fixture and take turns in the responsibility of choosing the movie.

Don’t forget the blankets and the popcorn, Go to watch free Movies ‌or ‌ Web ‌ ‌ Series ‌ ‌ at ‌ soap2day or Fm Movies. then make yourself comfortable for a wonderful time with the family.

And why not produce your own film? Write a short script, name actors, design costumes and presto! Become a film crew.

Then share your production with extended family and friends. A great way to create great memories.

Dust off your board games

Take your board games out of the closet and enjoy the fun once again… just to play.

Do you miss the long games of Monopoly, Mémoire or Clue of yesteryear? Set up a play area where you don’t have to store everything at all times, especially at mealtimes. You can thus extend the pleasure over several hours or return to it at different times of the day.

Borrow games if you don’t want to untie your purse strings. Disinfect them before using them, as well as before returning them to their owner.

Do you want to spoil yourself? Order the latest board games on the market online.

We must eat well

Why not take the opportunity to test everyone’s culinary talents?

Leave the preparation of a meal to each child. You will have to lend a hand to the younger ones, but the older ones will certainly do very well.

” I’m hungry! Has become the new family rallying cry? Ask the youth to plan healthy snacks that you can all eat together at set times in the morning and afternoon. Once satisfied, everyone will go back to their activities and think of something other than visiting the fridge.

Once a week, plan a meal that’s out of the ordinary. Under the theme “World cuisine”, explore the flavors of other places with your family. As if you were on vacation abroad.

Organize a weekly picnic. Spread a blanket on the living room floor, take out the wicker basket, prepare the sandwiches, open the window and… listen to the birdsong.

Multiply the meals cooked on the barbecue. For a taste of summer and freedom.

Exercise with the family

To get moving – and keep kids away from tablets and electronic games – plan regular family training sessions. The web is full of interesting sites.

Suggestions :

  • Simple exercises that do not require equipment
  • HIIT training – high intensity – for the family
  • Yoga spinning top for the little ones
  • Yoga for teenagers for adults

Create Olympics in your backyard. Imagine a series of simple and fun tests depending on the age of your children and from the equipment you have on hand: ball, wheelbarrow, boiler, ladder, rope, rocks, rings, etc. Be creative as a family.

Artists at work

Fun at Home, Do you like to write and your children have a talent for drawing? Imagine a story the children will illustrate. Then, tie it all together in a collection that will constitute an unforgettable memory.

Young and old do not have the same interests? Submit 2 different stories.

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