6 Reasons to Step Away From Screens This Summer


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It’s only natural to stay in after a long day. TV can hit the spot and let your mind unwind, but every so often, it’s okay to let go of the screen. It’s easier than ever to stay glued to a screen at work and at home. Prolonged exposure to screens has been shown to cause headaches, and the time you spend on your screen means less time engaging off-screen. The following are six reasons to step away from your screens this summer.

1. Nature Exploration

If you let the screen rest, you can go outside and explore nature a bit. There’s so much for you to see and do. There’s probably a trail nearby that you haven’t been to in some time. Maybe there’s a park you haven’t checked out just yet, or maybe there’s a state park you’ve been meaning to visit but haven’t done so. Make a day out of it. If you find yourself continuing to think about social media and the online world, consider taking a camera with you and taking photos for your social media. You can use this as an opportunity to create content and have a nice screen-free experience outside. Go hiking and allow yourself to explore. Nature is relaxing, and it gives you an excuse to exercise a bit. You’ll be surprised how good you’re going to feel afterward, and you’ll probably want to do it again. 

2. Friendly Competition

Another reason to leave the screen behind is to go outdoors for a friendly competition. You might want to play a little flag football. It offers all the fun of football without the danger. All you need are a few of your friends, some friendly strangers, a few top flag football plays, a football, a field, and you can play the game. You might have a lot of fun if you try. Of course, you can try others sports, like soccer or baseball. Playing team sports is a great way to engage with your friends and community while getting good exercise. You can join a local sports team, or form a team with your friends and meet up every week to play. Use this time to get off your screens and have some fun with your friends.

3. Weight Maintenance

Some people may step away from screens this summer to have some fun, but sometimes, the reason involves health. If you’re leading a mostly sedentary life, then your body is going to have a hard time maintaining a healthy weight. This could lead to obesity, and that’s something hard to turn back from. You don’t have to do anything out there if you don’t want to other than walking around a bit to get your body moving a bit, especially if you don’t normally exercise. Hopefully, you make a habit out of it and start doing it more often throughout the month.

4. Eye Wellness

You know how much the screen light can strain your eyes. You’ve probably heard this a million times, and yet a lot of people continue to watch a screen day in and day out. Those who know they’ve been doing this have a good reason to step away. You don’t want to start having poor eye health because you’re in front of the screen too long. Eye strain may also lead to headaches that can be unbearable. Stepping away may help you avoid these types of issues.

5. Cool Off

Another reason to step away that’s a little more fun is to just cool off a bit. It’s summer, and that means it’s going to be hot out there, so why not go for a dip in a nearby river or beach. You’ll be happy that you did because it feels good to finally cool off the way you’re meant to cool off. Sure, staying inside can feel comfortable too, but you know how much electricity you’re wasting by forcing your AC unit to do all that work for you. All you have to do is stay at the beach for some time during the day, and you give your AC a bit of a break, and that’s good for your pocket.

6. Human Connection

Human beings are social creatures, and they need a little social stimulation every so often. Stepping away from the screen allows you to spend time with your loved ones while you’re enjoying nature or strolling around your community. It allows you to talk and catch up without any distractions. You could also connect with friends you might not have connected with in person for some time or maybe a new friend you haven’t had a chance to connect with just yet. The possibilities are endless, but this is definitely a good reason to step away from screens this summer.

You have six reasons to give your screen a break, but there’s always more. You’ll be happy and surprised how much you’ll start loving these screen breaks after a while.

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