5 Ways To Grow Your Business Through SMS

Business Through SMS

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SMS messaging is a reliable way to grow any business. You can leverage this simple tool to reach new customers, convert leads, develop great brand loyalty and provide a profitable return on investment (ROI). Customers opt in to a brand’s text messages mainly for coupon deals, staying informed, personal alerts, and gaining meaningful, practical content. Understanding the best way to offer these services quickly and cost-effectively will grow your business almost exponentially. It’s simple to set up, use, and almost immediately impact responses. SMS has advantages over email and other marketing activities.

Send Special Offers To Subscribers

According to Forbes, 64% of consumers believe that businesses should use SMS messages to interact with customers more often than they currently do. The first way to use your SMS strategy is by sending irresistible, exclusive offers to subscribers. Only send promotional messages to people that willingly joined your text message program. Nobody likes spam emails and text messages. Creating the feeling of being in an exclusive club will help your business retain more customers. You can try promoting short-lived exclusive offers through text that you do not advertise on your website or in any other marketing channel. This strategy is really effective at getting people to come back to your platform and make another purchase.

Reward Customers That Follow Your Social Media

You can get new followers and subscribers or more likes and shares of your online content. Include unique links to your message that lead to new videos, blog posts, or articles. Text messages can nudge your subscribers to share your social media links. You could also show your appreciation to your top referrers with a freebie product. Be sure to use a valuable link that leads to your desired landing page. A better idea is to link this strategy with the first by offering redeemable coupons to customers who follow your social media pages. Including a limited amount of time encourages customers to respond faster.

Personalized SMS Messaging

Use SMS messaging to take your customer service to the next level using live messaging with a company employee. This is especially helpful if your customer wants to confirm delivery and shipment details, appointments, pick-ups, or follow-ups.

Sometimes customers need to talk to an actual human if the established systems fail to fulfill their needs. You can start by approaching a top-notch SMS broadcasting software like Cdyne to set you up. You can also use an SMS reseller program to increase company revenue.

Gather Useful Customer Feedback

Knowing what your target audience needs helps you strategize your marketing campaigns in a way that suits those needs. Good surveys need tools that are integrated and automated. You can send a customer an SMS immediately after a phone call, a purchase, an in-person appointment, an event, or a shipment or delivery. Ask them to rate the overall experience they had. Use short, easy-to-understand questions that don’t need an explanatory answer. Try to achieve all this in under three minutes because some studies have shown that the average mobile user dwells on a single text message for roughly three minutes.

Perfect Your Timing

Since the average person looks at their phone 200 times a day, choose when your customer may be most receptive to a business message. Timing is essential to prevent all your campaign efforts from being useless. What is the best time of the day to send our SMS messages to your subscribers? It depends on what you are trying to promote, where your business is based, and the kind of niche your business is in. You can do some research to find out which times are the best for your type of business. However, it’s common sense that most people will be more receptive to a sales text when not occupied at work or school. Sending texts before and after working hours is a good idea.

In conclusion, many factors need to be considered before sending out an SMS campaign. Firstly, you need to create a campaign that offers value to customers, such as an appointment reminder, booking confirmation, or a sweet promotional offer. Additionally, it would help if you determined which of your customers the campaign is most relevant to. You can start by approaching a top-notch SMS broadcasting software or SMS reseller like Cdyne to set you up.

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