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5 Facts about Korean Air Logistics

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Korean air logistics is one of the most efficient logistics in the whole world that is well equipped with air cargo and freight. Korean Air’s state-of-the-art technology and innovative thinking provides customers worldwide with just what they need. To become one of the big names in the logistics industry, Korean Air has now developed sophisticated robotic features and systems to support their processes . Here are some interesting facts about them which will surely pique your curiosity.

1. Well Organized Logistics Sofware

The Korean air cargo has logistics software that provides efficient tracking and tracing of the packages. They input GPS trackers on the packages to carefully monitor their whereabouts. Each package involves no more than 2 GPS trackers. It reduces the possibility of products being lost in the process. At the end of the day, both parties on each end become satisfied with the outcome.

2. One of the largest Freighters

Korean air logistics has a wide range of services to offer its customers. To ensure maximum capacity, they use one of the largest air freighters the world has ever seen. Their 747-400 freighter can carry pretty much everything from sophisticated products to live animals. Because of freighters like this, Korea has become a powerhouse in the global industry.

3. Versatile ULD’s

ULD’s are used to transport and ship different types of cargo in a single unit. Complications arise based on the materials it contains. Korean air logistics has a versatile range of ULDs that are capable of containing any kind of packages. They have LDS refrigerated containers for excellent storage to horse stalls for shipping live horses. The containers are extremely durable and capable of carrying a large amount of cargo.

4. Low-cost Airlines:

With all the modern technologies and features, you must be wondering how high is the cost of air logistics in Korea. But the most astounding part is that it is relatively low. The packages are charged on how much they weigh and how far they travel. As the routes to many Asian countries have become much accessible, the cost of the airlines has decreased dramatically. Even with a high payload, the overall cost of the shipment is low. 

5. Global Covid 19 vaccine transport:

It just seems like the covid 19 viruses can’t be stopped. People are having one of the most horrid experiences they can imagine. The vaccines are the only way to put an end to it. The Korean air logistics have grouped up with specialized pharma to provide vaccines globally. They have collaborated with multiple temperature-controlled cargo companies to ensure maximum efficiency and storage of the vaccines. Soon, the nightmares of covid 19 will fade away.

Final Thoughts: 

Korean air logistics has the vision to change world trade and commerce. They come up with solutions to all problems regarding logistics. With their logistics software and innovative concepts, the possibilities are endless.

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