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13 TikTok-like Apps Ruling the Internet in 2021

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Ever wondered what you would do if TikTok got banned in your country?  While the app’s popularity has skyrocketed since its launch in 2018, TikTok continues to be under scrutiny for its security and privacy concerns. Many countries have already banned the app for security reasons. So who knows, your government could banish it too. Luckily, there are many applications out there that have features similar to TikTok or TikTok alternatives. 

Here are some popular TikTok alternatives with similar or better features that you can use, well, you know, when the need arises:

Top 13 Best TikTok Alternatives You Must Try Out      

1. Instagram 

Instagram has roughly one billion active users who post pictures, live videos, and stories and create reels. From Kylie Jenner’s beauty products to educational content by professional assignment makers and CDR report engineers in Australia, you will find millions of content on Instagram. 

Instagram Reels is the app’s newest feature which allows users to record and create 15-second videos with filters, sound effects, and music. You can also make videos in a longer format and use fun filters, stickers, emojis, polls, and hashtags to increase your post reach.

Compatibility: iOS, Android

2. Snapchat

Before TikTok, Snapchat was a popular application for posting short video clips and editing pictures with fun filters. However, Snapchat doesn’t have similar staying power as TikTok, as the snaps disappear after a specific time for security reasons. 

Snapchat has a Discover page through which it lets you discover the latest trends and other people’s snaps and videos. The app also shares docuseries, comedies, and unscripted shows to provide complete entertainment to the users.

Compatibility: iOS, Android

3. Triller

Triller has become quite popular among celebrities like Selena Gomez, Justine Beiber, Cardi B, etc. The platform is easy to navigate, and the step-by-step tools are simple to use. So you can use doodles, filters, and other video editing features to create professional clips without any fuss.

However, on the downside, the app is still new to the netizens compared to other websites like Facebook, Twitter, or even Instagram. Don’t get disappointed if you don’t find enough users to interact with. You can use it to create videos with your friends and share them on your other social media handles.

Compatibility: iOS, Android

4. Dubsmash

When we talk about short-form video-sharing platforms, we cannot forget the pioneer in the group – Dubsmash. Even though the app lost its charm after the popularity of Musical.ly, a lot of users still use Dubsmash to create entertaining videos with movie dialogues and TV series clips and share them on different social media sites.

The app offers plenty of stickers and texts for video editing. But what truly makes this app unique is that you can track the upcoming videos your loved ones are planning on just using the sharing option. And to do that, all you’ve got to do is to create a Dubsmash profile. 

Compatibility: iOS, Android

5. Vigo Video

Vigo, also known as Flipagram, is a lot like its counterpart Instagram. With the app, you can create videos, GIFs, pictures, clips, and more with many cool editing effects, filters, and music and share them anytime, anywhere with your friends, family, and followers.

The popularity of this application is growing with time among the youngsters who enjoy being creative for their online viewers. You can shoot live videos and have real-time conversations with your friends and followers too. 

Compatibility: iOS, Android

6. Likee

Like TikTok, Likee has a massive log of trending movie scenes, dialogues, and music for users to enact and display their acting skills. So, acting and music enthusiasts can use this app to create videos to showcase their talents and creativity.

If you love various video editing effects and tools for customising your videos and images, the app will certainly not be a disappointment. You can trim videos, correct the speed, and make additional cuts to give your files a pro touch. 

You can also have healthy faceoffs and share the videos on various social media accounts, and gain more followers. 

Compatibility: iOS, Android

7. Kwai

The next app that makes to the list of the best TikTok alternatives is Kwai. One unique aspect of Kwai is that you get the chance to portray your creativity with videos and win prizes based on your account following. Here, you can also share stories, which remain active for 48 hours. 

You will find several features like trimming, 4D motion effects, stickers, texts, effects, video mergers, and a vast library of popular movie and series dialogues and scenes to enact. The app also hosts different events, and users can create hundreds of videos related to education, entertainment, food, or beauty. 

Compatibility: iOS, Android

8. Byte

Remember that once-popular app called Vine? Yeah! The byte is launched by the same creators for users to create short-form videos. The interface is a lot of like TikTok and easy to make short looping clips.

Even though the app provides access to several themes, including comedy, K-pop, Hollywood, and many more, there’s no “edit” option once you’ve recorded the video and no fun filters to experiment with.

Compatibility: iOS, Android

9. Funimate

Funimate is preferably one of the best alternatives to TikTok. It is a goldmine for filters, editing tools, and other video-making features to make your content look more professional. Features like slow motion, texts, stickers, video loops, and advanced video filters are popular among users. 

Here, you will also find a massive collection of videos, songs, and famous dialogues to add some magic to your lip-syncing videos. Unfortunately, although the application is available free of charge, you have to purchase advanced features if you wish to use them in your videos. 

Compatibility: iOS, Android

10. Firework 

Firework offers similar features and functionalities to users looking to create lip-sync videos. This in-app video editing tool allows you to make professional-looking videos using filters, background music, and more. Furthermore, the app offers weekly challenges with excellent rewards, motivating users to create high-quality videos following the latest trends and highlight their unique talents. 

Compatibility: iOS, Android

11. Cheez

Cheez offers users various video editing tools for free to create fun videos. In addition, the app has a specific community named Cheez community, where you can become a member and gain access to endless features for creating content on comedy, fashion, cooking, vlogging, and more.

The app is also unique in its reward system and faceoff challenges. For instance, if your video gets a specific number of comments, likes, or shares, or if you participate and win in the in-built games, you are eligible for a reward in cryptocurrency. 

Compatibility: iOS, Android

12. Viva Video

Viva Video is already famous among its users for its features and editing tools to create quality videos online. The app has over 380 million users worldwide and is ranked no.1 video maker app in over 70 countries. 

You can create countless collages, montages, GIFs from your old videos and share them on social media for more likes, shares, and comments. 

Compatibility: iOS, Android

13. Lomotif

The functionalities of Lomotif are similar to TikTok, and you can use stickers, music, beauty filters, emojis, and various video editing effects to turn any of your special moments into a magical music video.

The app has an extensive music catalog and lets you use your favourite artist’s songs and music in your video. Moreover, you can collaborate with your friends, create unique digital content, and get the exposure you always dreamt of. Millions of users are already using it, so what keeps you waiting?

Compatibility: iOS, Android


Digital tools, whether entertainment tools like video makers or academic tools like word counters, APA referencing generators, or assignment makers, help users a great deal with their everyday lives. While some use them for entertainment and education, many also use them for earning a livelihood.

However, social media tools can disappear at any time. Therefore, it’s only wiser to stay prepared for the worse – like your country banning TikTok. So try out these TikTok alternatives and find the best one for creating short-form videos. 

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