Why In-Location Visitor Experience Matters Even More in the Virtual Age

Virtual Age

Last Updated on April 12, 2021 by Team Experts

Virtual Age: With the end of the pandemic in sight, there is no more tremendous relief in many of our minds than being able to visit the places that we wanted finally. Whether those are shopping malls, hotels, or even universities,  we are just happy to be out of our homes and back out again.

But even as our elation slowly fades, there has been a tremendous shift from in-location experiences to digital ones. While one cannot give some services digitally, many others have had to adapt and improvise. 

In-location experiences have fundamentally different marketing strategies that need to be used when compared to a virtual experience. For those businesses that cannot shift to virtual experiences completely, their locations’ visitor experience matters more than it ever did before. 

Changing Standards of Satisfaction 

Suppose you ask a visitor from 20 years ago about making them satisfied with their visiting experience. In that case, the answer will be drastically different from what a modern visitor or customer would say. 

People today value speed and efficiency. More so than they did even a few years back. With the rise of smartphones and faster internet speeds, we want everything done in an instant. People hate waiting. Similarly, people have shorter attention spans when they are not required to work. 

What signages and information you had been providing before may not catch the attention of visitors anymore. 

All of these factors lead to a mismatch of expectations and delivery. 

What’s the Solution? 

The solution to improving the in-location experience is quite simple. If you can’t shift your processes to be completely digital, make your in-location as digitized as possible. 

Using more modern methods of improving visitor experiences, you can capitalize on current visitors’ changing needs. 

While you may be confused about how to go about achieving such a thing, experience management companies like Raydiant are already offering services to improve the in-location experience. 

One of the most straightforward solutions to adopt is by adopting digital signages. Instead of relying on dull old paper and posters, you can use intelligent screens to change your locations’ visitor experience. 

Not only are they able to provide more personalized solutions to those who are visiting your stores, but they can grab attention better. This is a simple fact because of how much we use digital screens. Our eyes automatically go over wherever we can see a screen. 

Other solutions include making the visits quick and resolving them as efficiently as possible. This is done by using remote platform management and introducing systems like self-servicing kiosks and virtual assistants. 

Processes like virtual assistants and self-servicing kiosks also reduce the amount of time that any visitor has to go through. This makes them happier at the fact that their work is done in a minimal amount of time. 


Businesses and organizations that rely on in-location visits quickly need to adapt to changing circumstances. By adopting digital signages and making their in-location visitor experience enhanced with digitization, they can do just that. 

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