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Digital learning has always been a known term for learners, but the outbreak of COVID-19 made it even more popular. In other words, the pandemic has changed our lives in many ways, and there is no denying that. For example, it has dramatically hastened the shift to digital learning. According to the figures stated by the UNESCO, 1.38 billion enrolled learners were affected by school closures from pre-primary to tertiary levels.

However, switching from traditional classrooms to an e-learning environment is a real struggle. The reasons are technical issues, keeping students engaged, and staying on top of crucial learning metrics. But it can be improved with the help of virtual classroom software. If you are new to it, virtual classroom management software is the next evolution of education and training. It enhances the remote connection between students and teachers while retaining the significant benefits of face-to-face interaction.

With respect to that, multiple questions may arise in your mind. For example, you might wonder which virtual platform is the easiest to use, which virtual classroom software is the most fun for teaching and learning, and whether choosing the online classroom platforms for your school and institution is the best option.

To answer all your queries about virtual classroom software and which one to choose for your class, we are here with this article comprising all the pinpoints of virtual learning.

What is a Virtual Classroom Software?

Before we dive into how to choose the best virtual classroom software for your institution, it is essential to clear the air about what it actually is.

Virtual classroom software is an online tool which creates that creates an amazing blend of learning experiences you can control. From helping students and teachers collaborate online to offering live lectures, group sessions, chats, share documents, class polling, whiteboards, recordings, present teaching materials, and attendance management for the smooth functioning of your virtual classroom, online classroom software allows institutions to start and succeed in an affordable, easy, and efficient manner.

Also, virtual classroom management software can be used for hybrid learning, where some students are physically present in the classroom, and others connect virtually.

What are the Must-Have Features of Virtual Classroom Software You Should Look For?

An efficient or effective virtual classroom software combines the essential features of a traditional classroom with the benefits of virtual learning technology. For example, if you are choosing classroom software with features like:

Video conferencing: This technology feature should be stable and reliable. After all, you don’t want your students to divert elsewhere because of the software glitch. And therefore, you need to find the best one. For example, Climatic Ed Tech’s hosted live virtual classroom software solution offers a secure and feature-rich video conferencing and a real-time class session to promote an enriched learning experience and fruitful student-teacher collaboration.

Screen sharing: Offering the flexibility to present slides and multimedia content, the screen sharing option of any virtual classroom software diversifies the learning experience. Also, sharing the screen helps makes education transfer among younger students more simplified.

Class recordings: What if one of your students misses the class and wants you to explain the topic again? In general, conducting the whole class again cannot be easy because of the tight schedules and availability. Hence, class recordings are an excellent way to catch up. Calimatic’s virtual classroom platform allows you to capture crucial information by storing class notes, files, recordings, conversations, and more.

Interactive whiteboard: Interactive whiteboards are the best way to explain any topic visually. It drives engagement and helps students join in and collaborate while offering the instructors complete security permissions and control.

Live polling and Q&A: While online classes can be interactive, minor distractions and less face-to-face interaction may demand extra effort from the instructors to work harder to engage their students. Look for classroom software like Climatic that offers the flexibility to conduct polls. You can use this feature to start lively discussions and fun quiz assessments.

, you are on the right track. Other features may include attendance tracking, breakout rooms, Zoom and Google Meet integration, public and private chats, privacy settings, and more.

The Top 3 Best Virtual Classroom Software Solutions for 2023

Every school and institution has diverse demands, and the online classroom software selection solely depends on that. So, we have put together the top three best virtual classroom software solutions perfect for all scenarios.

1. Calimatic EdTech

Fully integrated and operational, Calimatic EdTech Software Solution offers comprehensive online institute management. Calimatic also promises interactive learning features by combining a bundle of modules like SIS, LMS, institute management, franchise/center management, and CRM. Calimatic’s state-of-the-art features simplify the management of live lectures, group sessions, and class timetables. You get everything within the system, from whiteboard interactivity, class recordings, and video integration for co-efficient virtual classroom collaboration to using class polls, group/private chat sessions, and interactive Q&A for student engagement.

2. LearnCube

LMS-driven and web-based, LearnCube is a virtual classroom platform suitable for learning institutions to higher education. It enables the smooth delivery of virtual classes without downloading third-party software, such as Flash. The prime features of LearnCube include the following:

  • It centrally manages cloud-based teaching content.
  • Take payments through a payment gateway.
  • Set up role permissions and supervise staff, teachers, students, and admins.

It also offers interactive whiteboards, a content management system, custom branding, class recording, text chat, and transcription services (launching soon).

3. WizIQ

WizIQ is the best web-based for tutoring online classes, a virtual classroom software, and a teacher discovery platform where a custom-branded learning portal can be launched. Learners typically use WizIQ to search and rate the courses available online. It also offers test and assessment builders, course builders, and customized mobile applications. Other features that make WizIQ stand out are content library and marketing.

Virtual Classroom Management Software – The Future of Learning

With education and training modules changing rapidly daily, virtual classroom platforms make it easy to promote learning in young individuals. Unlike traditional classrooms, you don’t have to be in the same room as the students to provide them with education anymore. Online classroom software also promotes much online student engagement without compromising privacy features. However, it is always best to try before buying. Look for virtual classroom management software that provides either a demo or a free trial to understand what they offer and what you actually need. 

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