How to Upgrade Your Vacation Home for Summer

Vacation Home for Summer

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Having a vacation home either for your own needs or for renting, is a blessing. In any case, owning real estate implies having to upgrade or renovate it from time to time. If you’re renting it, you can ask for more money, considering various upgrades. On the other hand, if it’s for you to spend your summer there, it could make you feel more relaxed and comfy. Investing in real estate as well as upgrading your properties is always a good idea. Whatever your plan for your vacation home is, there are some upgrades to go for.

You should start by making a plan and setting priorities. One of the first things that would probably need upgrading is appliances. Also, your vacation home could benefit from adding a fresh coat of paint. If you have a yard, you could make it your own, personal oasis of peace. And lastly, this is not an absolute must, but it can make your home so much better: lighting and decor. Keep reading to learn more about the things you can do, why they are important and how to do them. 

1. Make a plan and set priorities

When it comes to making certain upgrades to your (vacation) home, you need to realise that it is going to cost money. Depending on the upgrades, it can be a lot of money or a little less money. Anyway, you need to know your budget first. Then you can make a plan. You can start making your plan by noting down everything you’d like to change and getting some estimation on how much it is going to cost. Some things you can estimate on your own, by searching online, while for others you need professional help. When you have everything listed, you can compare the things to your budget. Decide on the things that are priorities and that fit in your budget. Remember to leave a little budget for unexpected costs as there are always some.

2. Upgrade appliances

It’s highly probable that upgrading appliances is on your list. Appliances can really spoil an idyllic picture of a vacation home. That’s why it would be good to switch them with newer models. These newer models not only look better but are also more practical and functional. And they are an investment that is going to last. Most often, they come with a warranty. What’s more, these new models of modern appliances are quiet and have different handy features, such as timers, automatic switch-offs, self-regulation and so on. Moreover, they are also more efficient.

When making such a big purchase, the most affordable thing is to go to local shops and service providers. So, for instance, if you own real estate in Strathfield or any other part of Sydney, you should find an appliance shop somewhere in Sydney. 

3. Add a fresh coat of paint

One small thing that can give your vacation home a new life is adding a fresh coat of paint. If the walls of your vacation home are old, dirty and dingy, they can make you feel sad and depressed. You shouldn’t allow that, as painting the walls is such a small, simple and affordable thing. It will instantly revive your home. What you should pay attention to is the colour choice. Find out about different colours and the implications they have on our mood. Choose them carefully for each room. You can even go for wallpapers on certain walls, to add some visual appeal. If you’re handy and have time, you can do it yourself, but if not, you can always hire pros to do it for you.

4. Make your yard an oasis of peace

If your vacation home comes with a yard, you can make it an actual oasis of peace with a few simple tricks. You can start with clearing it out and getting rid of unnecessary things. Then, you should mow the lawn and care for the plants, flowers, and trees – the garden essentially. It should look trimmed, watered, luscious, green and colourful and it should smell nice. Then, you can designate space for a metal frame pool, and set up a sun umbrella and beach lounge chairs. And if you find the pool a feature you enjoy, you can always look up some swimming pool renovation tips and build a pool. Don’t forget to also set up a mini bar near the pool or chairs for cold summer cocktails! This would be a perfect addition to your vacation home. If you’re not very creative and handy, you can always hire a professional with a career in landscaping.

5. Consider lighting and decor

Finally, even though lighting and decor aren’t a must, they do make a great upgrade. As little and irrelevant as they might seem, they can transform your home. What you can do is switch to LED lights as they are more suitable for our eyes. You can also set multiple lighting features, besides the overhead lights. There are so many choices, including floor lights, pendant lighting, lamps, wall lights and so on. You can install dimmers that will allow you to control the light and set the mood. As far as decor is concerned, you can consider different textures, throw pillows, artwork and flowers. 

When you add these finishing touches, you can rent your vacation home for a lot more money, so you can look at it as an investment in a way. You can take photos and promote your home on Instagram – you can use this great Instagram Caption Generator if you can’t think of an attention-grabbing caption.

Upgrading your vacation home should be something you enjoy and it can be if you have these considerations in mind.

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