Travel Planner Mobile App Development Cost and Key Features

Travel Planner Mobile App Development

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Mobile apps have become a significant part of our lives. And we all know that we cannot do without our mobile phones. Since mobile apps have made everything so much quicker & easier for us. From listening to music, watching movies, playing games, shopping, buying tickets, and even for payments. With the advancement of technology, mobile apps are not only confined to mobile phones. Now you can get apps for Tablets, smartwatches, and even for your Smart Televisions. Automobile manufacturers are also planning to develop apps for cars. 

What do you understand by Travel Planner Mobile App Development?

It is an easy-to-use, powerful app that allows you to create itineraries for the trips. You just have to send bookings to the specified email. And it will produce an itinerary for the upcoming trips. The travel planner mobile app is great for users who are planning or looking to travel. Since it allows people to learn the nearby information available to them. And to use it to make the best out of it in case they are going for any kind of trip.

This app comes with some basic features which can help users in discovering various locations in that area, any sort of offers. Moreover, the app even suggests places to eat, navigate via maps also.

Who are the exact users of the Travel Planner Mobile Application?

As mentioned above, users of travel Planner Mobile Apps are those who are looking to go on a trip. It can be a solo, a vacation with a friend, etc. In other words, people who want to explore their surroundings while they are traveling. It also comes with map navigation, as it becomes very useful during traveling. For instance, if anyone is traveling with their friends and is using a travel planner mobile app, the app comes with the features that they can search for nearby pubs/hangout places. Also, they can get any kind of details on the app itself.

How do the Travel Planner Mobile App functions? 

The purpose of the travel planner app stretches beyond finding cafes & stays. Their main feature is to provide engaging content to get popularity. The travel planner app content is usually on reviews, guides shared by past travelers’ tours. When a company desires to go for a tour mapping app, they provide an effective approach to the users. So that they can explore their choices for tickets, transport, etc.

The different features of the travel planner mobile app such as stay services help people to book hassle-free. And the reviews often help people to make choices based on actual experiences.

Sharing some of the Advanced Features of Travel Planner Mobile App: 

Excellent search

This search feature lets customers look for the kind of travel package they actually want. The customers have to put in some essential information that defines their lifestyle & choices. And they will get a customized travel package. 

Tour Diary

This feature allows users to showcase their travel experiences. This is the account where they can upload their pics and videos of their tour. So this will boost more users to put in more tour packages. Moreover, new users will also get attracted. It shows the authenticity of the Travel Planner app.

Global Positioning System (GPS)

When you travel to a new site it presumes that you don’t know the directions. So here comes the GPS feature into the picture. The Global Positioning System allows you to look for directions at any place.

To-do’s near me

A decent Travel Planner app will constantly help the user to hunt for places that are not included in the Travel package. And this feature shows the availability of regular amenities. Like petrol cafes & restaurants, ATMs, petrol pumps, washrooms, etc. 

Social posting 

Social media is in the top trend these days. This can also be said in the case of travel planner mobile apps. As travelers, people love sharing their memories and experiences online. This feature helps travelers to have their friends and family updated.

What is the Estimated Cost of Travel Planner Mobile App Development?

For developing a travel Planner mobile App you should need to understand the overall development cost of it. There are plenty of facts that affect the development cost of a travel planner mobile app. If we check the usual cases, development companies charge on an hourly basis. It takes an estimated 500 hours for development companies to complete the development process. The development cost in India is around $25. That means the Travel Planner Mobile App Development cost will go around $20,000 to $80,000. The price will vary based on the company & team size. Also the features you want in your mobile app.

Kind of mobile applications & features

There are two kinds of mobile applications, Hybrid, and Native Mobile Apps: 

Native apps are for a single platform. They are specially coded for those platforms. Hybrid applications can operate over multiple platforms. However, you need to test & rewrite it for every platform as per the requirement. So this is the reason why it is a bit slower and less stable.


The mobile app design should be modern and user-friendly to make them attractive. There are tons of mobile apps in the market with modern design but lack in working. This makes it worthless for the user. So a mobile app should have a great design as well as functionality to beat the market competition. 


This is an important factor when it comes to mobile apps since nobody desires to use a mobile app that is not up to the mark. The functions of a mobile app must be excellent. Hence users can enjoy what they want from the mobile app. And one of the major points of the app that you should consider is that it must not take time to load. Because users will get frustrated with the mobile app. However, this can lead it to an increase in the bounce rate. 

Travel Planner Mobile App: Features

One of the most important features of a Travel Planner mobile app should be GPS map navigation. Some more features that you should consider like, ratings & reviews, weather updates, restaurants, currency exchange rates, hotels, etc. Additionally, all the data should be simply available on the main screen of the travel planner mobile app. 

What are the different kinds of Travel Management Mobile Apps? 

Mentioning below are the different sorts of travel management mobile apps: 

  1. Travel Planning Apps: 

These sorts of mobile apps support all travel highlights such as bookings for hotel, travel, flight, bus, itinerary planning, etc. 

For example MMT, Yatra, Expedia, etc.

2. Transport Apps

These apps help customers in getting information regarding local transport routes. It makes use of geolocation features to track the location of the user. Also, the app suggests nearby transport choices. 

For example Ola, Taxify, Uber, etc.

3. Air Ticket Booking Apps

Flight booking apps help travelers in getting air tickets online. Users can also compare the prices, travel charges, etc. And can pay online, get updates on instantaneous information.

For example Hopper, Kiwi, Happygoeasy, Skyscanner, Kayak, etc. 

4. Hotel Booking mobile apps

These apps allow users to check, book, and even pay for stays. It offers functionality, such as ratings & reviews, online check-in, etc. 

For example, Oyo Rooms, hostel world, Airbnb, etc.

What are the basic features you should consider in developing Travel planner mobile app development? 

Let us have a look at the ideal features that you should consider before making a travel planner mobile app. 

  1. Itinerary: Basically it means a detailed plan of a trip. It can also add wishlist areas, restaurants, cafes, museums, stadiums, etc.
  2.  Navigation Maps: Maps are important for any travel planner app. We all know how a map functions. However, these days maps can also help with other purposes. 
  3. Reminders: While we travel, there is a chance of forgetting some necessary details. Such as boarding time, gate number, etc. 

Here, push notifications/reminders come into the picture. You can check the necessary travel details here. 

4. Sharing feature: With this feature, you can share the itinerary details with other people. 


So now it must be clear that the travel planner mobile apps have been put forward for the users in a hassle-free way. And their demand is also going up day by day.

So, if you are in the same industry, we would suggest you to get one app for your business too. You just need to be careful in choosing the travel planner mobile app partner for your business.

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