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As a new WordPress user, you may be eager to customize your site. You might even have a mental image of how your finished site will appear. But realizing your concept could be difficult if you don’t have any design or technical knowledge.

Themesinfo is one of the best sites. It lets you find hundreds of WordPress themes with the most essential and amazing features. With the help of Themesinfo WordPress theme detector users can easily alter the way the website looks. Moreover, they can add new features to make it user friendly. Themesinfo helps users to customize websites as per user requirements with the right theme, without technical or designing expertise.


Let’s talk about Themesinfo. Themesinfo is a free application that finds installed WordPress themes and WordPress plugins. This WordPress theme detector is the tool to use. It works if you come across a website that was developed using WordPress and want to know how it was done. 

The person who maintains a particular website and who intends to know if their web page uses a particular WordPress theme or plugin can take advantage of the free Themesinfo WP theme detector. Themesinfo WordPress theme detector has multiple benefits which include saving time, help in making better design decisions, identifying WordPress themes used by your competitors, and also it allows you to view what plugins, scripts, and analytics services are used on a WordPress website.

You can enter the URL or domain name of a website you want to browse into the search bar. You need to enter that on the homepage of the Themesinfo WP Theme Detector. Then, on the right, you will see a box with useful information about themes. It includes the name of the WordPress theme, the author, the number of websites that use the specific WP theme, the homepage of the theme, and more. 

Elements of Themesinfo WordPress Theme Detector

  • Loads page in speed so that website runs smoothly and doesn’t take a long time.
  • Clean and lightweight codes 
  • Direct customer support option with access to forums. 
  • Easy to use demo content. Its available to customize your website, otherwise it will take lots of customization if you are working from scratch. 
  • A basic, minimalist design that makes good use of whitespace and removes needless clutter.
  • The great majority of popular plugins are supported.
  • Settings for customizing branding and design aspects such as typeface and colors.

Now, let’s say you have a clothing online store and, at the same time you like to write about traveling. With WordPress loop and template files you can customize both online store and traveling blog to different categories. With these customization options where you can design your store and blog differently the only limit you have is imagination. 

WordPress theme detector extensions are commonly offered to locate WordPress themes and plugins. Themesinfo is an extension that will assist you in identifying and picking theme and plugin information for your chosen website. Using this Themesinfo WP theme detector tool, you may be able to determine the WordPress theme used on a blog, and certain plugins may even allow you to extract the theme’s characteristics.

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