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Online document storage: As a way for companies to save and transfer their files, cloud storage systems are rapidly overtaking on-site storage such as hard drives and servers.

And that makes sense. With major players like Amazon and Google jumping into the market, it shouldn’t be a surprise for more and more companies to turn to them for their storage solutions.

But there are Lots of different providers out there for cloud storage. How do you pick one that works for you and your company?

Fortunately, we’re here to help. Below is our list of four document storage services that hit it out of the park.


Amazon Cloud Drive is service offered by Amazon to conveniently backup documents, spreadsheets, music, images, and videos and accesses them.

It is a stable platform for cloud storage online. It will let you keep your important papers safe. It has added functionality to allow simple and fast access to the latest files. It supports uploading images and videos in bulk.


  • The facility for previewing documents, spreadsheets, images, and presentations is supported by Amazon Cloud Drive.
  • It allows videos and music stored in the cloud drive to be played.
  • Photos, videos, and files can be uploaded from your smartphone.
  • You can create folders and arrange the folders’ files.
  • Amazon Drive can let you share files via email, text message, etc. as links and attachments.
  • This will allow you to build and edit text files.

Cons: It is pricey and provides less storage than Google Drive.

OS Platforms: You can use any device to upload info.


To hold your files together in one central location, Dropbox provides you with a modern workspace. It can be accessedat any time from anywhere. You can synchronize it through all your devices. With Dropbox, computers, phones, and tablets would be able to access files.


  • It allows any file like PowerPoint and Photoshop to be shared.
  • From rough draughts, videos, photos to code, and sound, Dropbox Paper will allow you to construct and share everything.
  • Freelancers, sole employees, teams, and organizations of any scale may use it.
  • It enables you to share with anyone a big or a small file.
  • Admin Controls will simplify the tasks for team management.
  • It allows you to have secure access to shared information.

Cons: It begins with free data of just 2 GB.

OS Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.


Because of its free storage space, Google Drive is famous. Images, records, tales, designs, recordings, videos, etc. may be kept. You should have a Google account to store certain files on Google Drive.


  • It will make it possible to store any file. Pictures, sketches, photographs, recordings, etc. may be kept.
  • It is possible to upload files from any device, such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • You can share files and directories quickly. Without an email attachment, collaboration on any file is feasible.

Cons: The interface is a bit confusing.

OS Platforms: For Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices, apps are available.


To store your files and images, OneDrive offers free storage of up to 5 GB. It is possible to access these files and images from any computer. It makes it possible for you to directly store the scanned documents on it. With OneDrive, any file can be accessed from the Windows PC on request.


  • It helps you in offline mode to access the files.
  • Files are available on any computer.
  • SSL encryption is given by OneDrive.
  • Simply sending the connection via text, email, Facebook, or iMessage makes it easy to share files and folders.
  • The new Office applications will be obtained.

Cons: Only 5 GB of free storage is provided, and when compared to Google Drive, it is very limited.

OS Platforms: For Windows, iOS, Android, etc., the app is available.


Here, among those we’ve checked, we highlight just the best cloud storage services. We analyze their feature sets, ease of use, stability, and cost when we evaluate these services. There are other document storage companies in the market, based on these requirements that did not make the cut for this post.

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