Beat the Heat in Style: Five Summer Fashion Tips You Must Try

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Summer could be an excellent season for most people. You get to enjoy the bright, bubbly mornings and balmy evenings. However, as pretty as it sounds, summer comes with its niggling challenges. 

An example is what to wear during the summer mornings and evenings. You’d have to deal with rising temperatures and humidity levels to get the perfect dress – a hard struggle most of the time.

Thankfully, you don’t have to sweat it when choosing the right summer dress. Summer fashion clothes have a reliable range, and all you have to do is follow through with it to get that stylish look. We’ve got five tips to help you set up your wardrobe right for the warm weather. 

Light Over Dark

A helpful way to dress for the summer is to pick out lighter-colored clothing instead of darker ones. Beyond that, your entire fashion language should prioritize light-colored items over darker colors. 

Furthermore, this is one summer fashion tips that follows the conduction theory. It works on the premise that lighter colors reflect light and heat while darker colors absorb them. 

While you’re walking down the sidewalk on a summer morning, you wouldn’t want to absorb all the sun rays bearing down on you. It could get uncomfortable, and light summer dresses are an excellent solution.

It could help if you invested in white blouses or dress shirts. Also, you could try dresses with less saturation that makes them look whiter in the sunlight.


Go for Short or Loose Sleeved Tops

It’s no surprise that things could get hot during summer. One of the ways to alleviate the discomfort on a hot summer’s day is to get as much ventilation as possible. Therefore, it’s best to pick your summer clothing styles with that in mind. 

Short-sleeved shirts are an excellent option in such a case, as they leave your arms out to whatever gentle breeze comes your way. Button-up shirts are a great idea for casual summer outfits for women, but you can try off-shoulder or puff-sleeved tops as well.

A solid alternative is loose-sleeved tops, handy for occasions where you’d like to cover more skin. They’d allow air to pass around you more comfortably, so you don’t have sweat clinging onto you in the heat.

Invest in Breathable Fabric

Breathable fabrics are a godsend during summer, even when you might not have use for them throughout the rest of the year. They allow air to seep through your skin while simultaneously getting rid of sweat and condensation. 

Most synthetic fabrics are not breathable, so your best pick must be between 100% cotton, silk, or linen. Also, it’s best to stay away from heavy-textured material, such as what you’d find on denim. Seersucker and eyelets often make for fashionable summer outfits.

Avoid Anything Tight

Further on the narrative of getting as much air around your skin as possible, tight clothes are a massive bummer as a summer fashion tips for anyone. While they may accentuate your shape, tight clothes significantly reduce the airflow around you. With the buildup of sweat and body heat, tight dresses don’t give an escape point, so they stay on you, making you feel uncomfortable.

With that in mind, you could get better alternatives like wide-legged pants – cropped ones work just as well. If you’d like a bolder look, oversized t-shirts and blouses are perfect. Again, please stay away from denim, as they’re too heavy or get too warm during summer days.

Modify Your Workout Clothes

When you’re not attending a party or on a grocery run, workout clothes are another crucial pain point during summer. By design, they’re tight-fitting with non-breathable materials. If you work out a lot in summer, you might want to upgrade your wardrobe immediately.

Swap out tight, dark leggings for brighter, loose sports shorts. Also, replace your tight hugging tank tops for crop tops. They could help get the sweat out as you throw down on a gym mat and your other workout routines.

Go Big on Dresses

Dresses should be a staple in your wardrobe during warmer seasons, and we’ve got reasons for that. They’re perhaps some of the most comfortable outfits to wear in summer due to their free-flowing, one-piece design. Beyond that, dresses could save you from choosing what blouse/pant combination works the best. 

Also, it’s a no-holds-barred affair with summer dresses, which means minidresses are just as lovely as rompers. If you’ve got miniskirts, now is a great time to get them out. You may prefer a more covered look to a sleeveless maxi dress. Tie-front dresses would be handy as well, as they’re comfy and allow ample airflow.

Let Your Feet Breathe Too

We’ve handled summer clothing and dresses so far, but how about footwear? Summer is a great time to whip out flip-flops, but everyone knows that you obviously can’t wear them anywhere beyond the beach. However, the fundamental idea makes sense: giving your feet as much space to breathe.

Sandals are excellent for any summer style you’ve got. You can’t go wrong with strapped sandals or espadrilles, as they allow unrestricted airflow around your toes. Also,  we’d recommend leather sandals as they have more style than foam or synthetic ones.

Dial Down on the Accessories

Accessories are great at other times of the year but often get in the way in summer. Fancy necklaces could stick to your skin in the heat, which could be uncomfortable. You’d want to stay away from bangles for the same reason. 

You could instead pick out a statement accessory – a hoop earring or any imitation jewelry – and stick with it. Your accessories don’t get in the way while still accentuating your dress.

Wrapping Up

Summertime is such a great season, but things can get hot, clammy, and sweaty quickly. Do you have suitable clothing to keep the style yet feel comfortable in the heat? Each summer fashion tips explained above could help you focus on the correct details when perfecting your look during the warmer weather. 

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