Remote App Development Or In-House App Development? Answering What Is Best For Your Business

Remote App Development

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Mobile apps are everywhere. Whatever we need, mobile apps are the solution. Getting hungry, wait let me order from this new food delivery app? Leaving now? Wait let me book a taxi for you for this new uber like app, it’ll come and pick you from here.

This shows that both businesses and customers have found the mobile apps the best place to meet each other. That’s why all the businesses are investing in mobile apps and you got so many installed on your phone. 

If you are an entrepreneur or someone who is trying to start a new business or wants to innovate their traditional business. A mobile app is your solution. But you can not get a mobile app without a mobile app development company. 

Seeing the business demand mobile apps there are several mobile app development companies in the market. You can find in-house developers, offshore (remote) app developers and even freelancers are taking part in this race of technological innovation. Finding what is best for your business becomes a little tricky. Most of you are asking whether you should hire an in-house team of developers or go with the remote app development companies. 

Today, here you’ll find all the answers but let’s start with whether to choose in-house developers or remote app development companies.

In-house team

Hiring your own team of app-developers is not a bad option. Having a team of developers only working on your project ascertains the high-quality app. 

Apart from that in-house team offer you the following advantages:

  • They will better understand your product, your company goals and help you build the best mobile app solution for your business.
  • The other benefit is the ease of communication and fast responses to your queries. 

However, there are some drawbacks that you have to deal with when working with an in-house team of app developers.

  • They are expensive, hiring an in-house team means you are hiring new employees. You have to pay the full-time salary and other employee benefits. 
  • There will be no work on the off-days, holidays, or when the developer is on a vacation or taking a sick day off. But you will be paying your developers for that off-days time too. 
  • You might miss on the great talent as hiring an in-house team means you can only hire talent (developers) who are already living in your city or willing to relocate (which rarely happens).
  • You can not expect the best efficiency right from the beginning. As forming a proper work environment is what you have to take care of. Getting the best out of your in-house team will require you to invest more time and money, which is not that ideal for many businesses. As time is money, and with an in-house team, you are wasting both.  

Remote App Development

While working with a remote app development company, you are dealing with another independent business. Their only job is to build apps, they do work on multiple projects at one time but that’s because most of them are capable of and hold the right experience to finish the task. Does that mean hiring a remote app development company is a better option. Well, in many situations it is. So let’s discuss both the advantages and disadvantages of hiring remote app developers.

Let’s start with the advantage:

  • Hire the best, don’t worry about the geo-restrictions. That’s the best thing about working with remote app developers. You can get the best quality mobile app developed by experts from the other side of the world.
  • Don’t waste time in recruiting, don’t pay the overhead employee benefits fee. As all this is already taken care of by the remote app development company you are choosing to go with.
  • Pay only for the time, developers are working on your project. And don’t worry about the money you might have spent on the costly equipment and office space for your in-house team.
  • You can sustain the work-from-home environment.

Now, let’s come to what’s not good about hiring remote app development companies.

  • Honestly, there is just one main problem, which is the lack of face-to-face communication. But 2020 has already prepared businesses from all over the world. Companies have learned to manage their teams remotely. Businesses are well familiar with business communication software like Slack, Skype, Zoom, etc by now.

So, you can say the drawback of hiring a remote app development company, comes with its solution. 

Especially, your company is not planning to develop apps for others, hiring an in-house team for one single project is not a wise option. And if you are worried about the future maintenance of your business app. Remote app development companies do offer the future maintenance service.

So, now you know hiring a remote app development company to build your business app solution is better than hiring an in-house team. But one question is still left unanswered. How to know who is the best for your business? There are a number of mobile app development companies choosing who is best is not easy. It is not impossible as well.

Here are a few questions that you can ask to figure the real deal.

1. Can I View your Portfolio?

This is something that you might already know. Checking the portfolio of your prospective remote mobile app development company will give you an idea of the quality that they can offer.

2. Check I See Your Previous Client Projects? 

To make sure you are choosing the right one, finding out if they have worked on a project similar to yours will help you. Seeing the final results of their previous project will help you to do so. 

3. What Process Do You Follow To Build A Business Solution?

Ask them how they are going to complete your project. This helps you find out if they will be able to finish your project on time or not. 

4. Can I Have The User Experience That You Usually Offer?

The success of your mobile app depends on its functions and functionality. Any company can fit the advanced features into your app, but it won’t be of any help if your users won’t be able to access them easily. Advanced features with intuitive UI is what you are looking for. Ask for a demo app and to take the user experience of their mobile app solution, before handing them your project to work on. 

In Conclusion:

Know you know whether to go with remote app developers or choose an in-house app development company. And You also know how to choose who is best for you. Simply remember to use what you learned today, before making your decision. 

Good Luck For Your Future Endeavors!

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