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Using press cleaners in the printing business can be a great way to clean and maintain the equipment in your shop. This is especially true if you are dealing with heavier papers and high-grade materials standards for printers. However, there are also a few essential things to remember when using press cleaners.

High-grade, heavier papers

Using press cleaners to make your print job look its best can be the difference between an award-winning presentation and a dismal flop. The best quality printers come with an array of press cleaners to keep your paper looking like the day you bought it.

Using press cleaners to get the most out of your printer will help you to save a bundle. While it is unnecessary, a few minutes of professional attention will ensure you get the best results possible from your printer. If you’re not into the art of the print job, consider having a seasoned professional do it for you. When choosing the best paper for your job, weight is one of the most critical factors. You’ll want to opt for a weight that’s a bit heavier than your paper. This means it will be able to withstand a lot more wear and tear. If you’re planning to print two-sided, you’ll want to choose a weight that won’t show through the other side.

Avoiding solvents

Using press cleaners in the printing business can pose significant health hazards to workers. Solvents contain hazardous components that may be carcinogenic and toxic. They may also produce fumes that can cause chronic effects if the environment is not adequately ventilated. Solvents used in the printing industry are generally proprietary prepared formulations. They are often mixtures of chemicals and need to be clearly labeled on the container. This makes it hard to know which solvents contain hazardous components. There are several steps to take to protect workers from solvents. The first step is to train workers to recognize and avoid solvents on the jobsite. Workers should also wear gloves and follow safe handling information provided by the manufacturer. Another step is to monitor regulatory limits for solvents. Many solvents are flammable. If a worker accidentally gets a flash of static electricity, the solvent may ignite and cause a fire. Grounding metal containers can help prevent sparking.


Whether you are a small business owner or a large corporation, proper machine guarding is an essential part of electrical safety. During shift changeovers, asset provisioning is necessary. In addition, a good lockout/Tagout program will help protect you from accidents and lawsuits. In industrial manufacturing, the lockout/Tagout of press cleaners in the printing business has been the subject of much debate. Some industry trade groups have weighed in on the issue, while others have not. OSHA has yet to propose a rule change but is asking for comments. The lockout/Tagout of press cleaners varies depending on the machinery involved. For example, some presses have integrated cutting and folding devices. Others have incorporated push buttons and secure shutoff keys. OSHA’s proposed change would increase the regulatory burden by requiring companies to replace their current lockout/Tagout procedures with new ones. While the latest safety devices can protect you, they should be used in tandem with other safety measures.

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