Is it safe to watch movies in theatres during corona?

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Last Updated on June 27, 2024 by Team Experts

Like many businesses, movie theatres have been hit hard by the Coronavirus pandemic. Theatres were closed for almost one year, but now most chains have recently opened their doors with complete precautions. But the new wave of Covid 19 has made it tough to safely watch movies in theatres. Almost 100000+ new Covid 19 cases are recorded every day. People have a lot of questions in their minds related to watching movies in movie theatres. Should we watch movies in theatres or not? Is it safe to take the family to movie theatres? And more. Here in this blog, we are going to share important information regarding this.

Consider the need

Watching a movie at a theatre isn’t as exciting as watching movies at home. But the situation is getting worst, so it’s important to keep yourself and your family safe from Coronavirus. There are many OTT platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hotstar+Disney, etc. that are providing amazing streaming services to their users. New movies are also releasing on these popular OTT platforms. Not just movies, a wide number of shows, series and documentaries also released by these OTT platforms. They have a huge collection of premium content for the viewers.

We understand that sitting at the home is a depressive and exhaustive feeling. You need some entertainment in your life. But the situation is getting worst, so it’s better to stay home and plan a movie night with your friends and family members.

Follow the rules

If you go to watch movies in movie theatres, so it’s essential to follow the rules and guidelines. Here is the list of guidelines that you need to follow if you desire to watch movies in the movie theatre.

  • l Sit while maintaining the social distancing.
  • l Keep sanitizing your hands.
  • l Do not remove the mask from your face.
  • l If possible, then book ticker online to avoid crowded queues.
  • l Do not take food to cinema halls.
  • l Show up about 20 minutes before showtime to avoid the crowd.
  • l Do not watch 3D movies on movierulz because most theatres provide reused glasses to the next customers which are not safe at all.
  • l When you go to the bathroom, wash your hands properly to avoid the spread of Coronavirus.
  • l Do not go to movie theatres with babies and old age family members.
  • l Avoid snacking

Health experts say it’s “too soon” to watch movies in theatres

As the number of Covid cases is rising rapidly, health experts say, it’s not a good idea to watch movies in theatres. Covid-19 vaccine drive has started in India and it’s advised to get the vaccine shot to save yourself from coronavirus. Once everything gets fine, you can get back to your normal life. Now, there is a huge risk of getting in contact with people in the community. Home is the safest place to be at this time. Don’t forget to wear masks wherever you go.

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