How to Use Scanners De Bureau Without a Laptop

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If you are working on a computer without a laptop, consider getting a scanner de bureau with Webcam or flatbed capabilities. The software in these devices is designed to scan documents and save them to your computer. You should check the instructions with the scanner to learn how to keep the scanned files in a particular format.

Lossy JPEG compression

If you’re using scanners de bureau without a laptop, you probably won’t need lossless compression. But if your business data is essential, you should choose lossless compression. Audio and video applications can tolerate some loss, which may not be noticeable. For example, consider the top image below. It is only about one-fifth the size of the bottom one. The whole picture was compressed the least, while the bottom photo had the highest compression rate. While the top image is still recognizable, it is less high quality than the bottom. When you blow up the bottom picture, you’ll see that it is still distorted. For that reason, it’s better to use lossless GIFs. Another important consideration when using lossy JPEG compression is the file size. Lossless JPEG compression reduces the file size without affecting the image’s quality. When using De Bureau scanners, you should choose non-progressive JPEG compression instead of progressive JPEG. This is because it’s better for the files in size and bandwidth.


Flatbed scanners are an excellent choice if you’re looking for a scanner that won’t require a laptop. They allow you to capture all the details on a document without having to flip it over. Many flatbed scanners also have automatic document feeders (ADFs), which automatically scan both sides of a document. The highest-resolution flatbed scanners can scan glass negatives, film negatives, and transparencies. Flatbed scanners have an adjustable lid to quickly scan thick materials without moving the documents. They are also faster than sheet-fed scanners and can accept various materials. Some models even feature automatic document feeders and wireless connectivity.


A webcam can be used as a scanner for documents. The quality of images taken with a webcam is much lower than those taken with a traditional scanner. To use a webcam to scan documents, you must install the appropriate software on the computer where you plan to store the images. You can use the software to capture images using the Webcam. Then, you can connect the Webcam to the computer using the proper USB cable.

Optical character recognition

Optical character recognition (OCR) is a powerful technology that automatically translates documents into a computer-readable format. Without OCR, computers view documents as a single, blurry image instead of the separated letters, words, and phrases they contain. This technology is helpful for various situations, including data entry. OCR is a process that can help businesses save resources, money, and time. This technology analyzes scanned documents and camera images to identify the text. It then translates those letters into code that can be used for data processing. In other words, this technology can reduce the need for a laptop and save you a lot of time.

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