How to Find a Dog Walker in Your Neighborhood?

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If you have a dog, then you must walk him/her every day. Regularly walking your four-legged furry friend will keep him/her in good spirit and health. However, sometimes it becomes difficult to walk your dog. It could be due to a change in location or schedule, you may be feeling ill, you may have a prior engagement, and others. In such a situation you will need someone whom you can trust to walk your dog. However, if you have moved to a new neighborhood and don’t know any good dog walkers nearby, then finding the right dog walker may turn out to be quite stressful.

When you are looking for a dog walker, then you need to identify what your dogs need so that you can narrow down your search for the right walker. For example, if you have a small puppy, then you would need a dog walker who can regularly walk your dog multiple times a day. On the other hand, if you have a big dog, then you should find an athletic walker who loves to take long walks with your dog. In this article, we have shared with you some tips on how to find a dog walker in your neighborhood.

Different ways to find the right dog walker in your neighborhood

Here are some important ways through which you can find a good neighborhood dog walker who can take care of your four-legged friend’s daily walks.

Get referrals

One of the best and the easiest ways to begin your search for a good dog walker is by asking those who you trust for advice. If some members of your family or friends live in your new neighborhood, then you can ask them about a good dog walker whom they trust.

The local vet

If there is an animal shelter in your neighborhood then you can ask them about any dog walker that they would recommend to you. Similarly, you can ask your local vet whether they have any dog walker in their mind that they could recommend.

Neighborhood message board

Several neighborhoods have message boards in which important messages relating to the neighborhood are shared. You can use such a message board (if it exists) to advertise your requirement for a dog walker.

Ask other dog parents

You can strike up a conversation with other dog parents in the neighborhood and ask them for any reference of a dog walker in your locality. You will find such dog parents in the morning or evening when they are walking their dog. If there is a dog park in your neighborhood, then go there and ask other dog parents about a good dog walker in the neighborhood.

Hire a professional

If you are not sure about amateurs taking care of your dog, then you should hire professionals who have good experience in this field and know how to take care of your dog. As these professionals are in this business for the long haul, they have the experience of how to take the best care of your dog. You can find out about these professional dog walkers through advertisements in your local newspaper or even through social media networks.

Dog walking app

If you are finding it hard to contact a good dog walker in your new neighborhood, then we suggest that you should download a dog walking app. Some popular dog walking app along with their features includes the following:

Time to pet

This is a popular dog walker app that is available in the market. Through this app, you can hire a dog walker on a Solo plan of $35 per month for one dog walker or a team plan of $25 per month and $13 for every active staff member. 

This is a great dog walking app through which you can select a dog walker based on his/her location. The app is very easy to use and it offers you a range of services like in-app messaging, photo update, GPS tracking, post-walk satisfaction report, and many more.

Precise pet care

This is another popular dog walker app that helps you to find a great dog walker for your four-legged friend in your neighborhood. If you want to hire one dog walker then you have to pay $15 per month. For two walkers, you have to pay $35 per month. 

This app has multiple filters through which you can select the dog walker of your choice based on his/her location, price, timing, and much more.


This relatively new app has a great design that allows you to choose a dog walker based on his/her ratings, location, and time. If you hire a dog walker through this app you have to pay him/her $25 per month. 

This app gives you the option of keeping track of your pet who is out on a walk through the in-app GPS -assisted map. You will also get in-app messaging and regular photo updates of your pet.

Apart from these, there are also other dog walking apps available in the market that provide their premium services.


Just finding the dog walker is not enough, you must keep a sharp eye on your dog’s behavior at home to figure out whether he/she is enjoying the walk with the new person. Observe whether your dog is excited to see the walker you have chosen for him/her? Also, check whether your dog looks happier or anxious? If all the answers to these questions are positive, then you have found the right walker.

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